Thursday, August 12, 2010

Intel® Hybrid Cloud - Click by Click

By now you should have heard of the Intel Hybrid Cloud server and the related pilot program for I.T. Consultants. If not, check out the first webinar we did over at Cloud Services Roundtable.

You may have seen the pictures I posted from our visit to Intel recently. See Photos on Facebook. (See Photos of Intel Hybrid Cloud on Facebook.)

We have just scheduled another special webinar with Intel to walk through their Pilot Program and to do a click-by-click demo of their cloud server. You'll see how servers and software is deployed and licensed. Plus a lot more.

Okay: What Is the Intel Hybrid Cloud Server?

Intel recently kicked off a pilot program for their new Intel® Hybrid Cloud, a new and innovative subscription-based model enabling MSPs to offer locally hosted server software on a pay-as-you-go basis.

This on-premise cloud offering allows you to deploy servers very quickly at a client's site -- and includes all the software and hardware for a flat monthly fee. The solution includes on-premise hardware and a management tool that allows you to quickly deploy servers, backup solutions, and more. And once deployed, all the licensing is managed in one place

This is a great solution for people who need SBS or "regular" Server 2008. And the catalog of add-ins will allow you to literally drag and drop the deployment of other solutions (like a firewall or backup) -- all on a subscription basis.

This is the second special webinar with Josh Hilliker and Chris Graham from Intel.

Please join us on this FREE educational webinar: Click Here to Register


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