Friday, May 14, 2010

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Well, we just finished an amazing series of podcasts and webcasts here at Small Biz Thoughts.

Here is a super-quick summary of what we've recently posted at Cloud Services Roundtable:

  • Migrating from SBS to The Cloud Part 1 = The View from 20,000 Feet
  • Migrating from SBS to The Cloud Part 2 = Options, Hardware, Software, and Service Considerations
  • Migrating from SBS to The Cloud Part 3 = Building a New Business Model

These are webinars produced in conjunction with my good friends at Managed Services Provider University.

This mini-series is intended to give Managed Service Providers and Small Business Specialists a realistic view of moving from where you are today into a cloud service offering. It provides one way of thinking about the inevitable transition that's going to take place over the next few years.

Part #3 has about 45 minutes of questions and answers from the attendees. So it addresses some fine points, some fears, how you'll place your offerings out in the wild, etc. One particularly pointed question was whether jumping on the cloud is going to set us up to lose our own customers.

Believe me, if you don't offer up cloud services *I* will. Your clients are moving to the cloud. YOU get to decide whether they're going to do that with you or without you.

Other postings . . .

We have had a very positive response to my podcast on what KPEnterprises is doing with Cloud Services.

We've developed a nice little 5-pack offering with Exchange/250GB storage/spam filtering/AV filtering and a bunch more for only $249/month for up to five users. Client buys no hardware. We buy no hardware. All pass-through.

Anyway, this presentation, with handouts and service details, is under the title
  • Karl Talks About Specific Offerings and Plans

and . . .

I had the pleasure of doing a cloud presentation with Jason Beal from Ingram Micro at the Autotask Live event. So then I interviewed Jason on Cloud Services Roundtable a few weeks ago.

In this program we discuss the role VARs and MSPs will play in the cloud computing environment. Jason is the man in charge of Ingram Micro's Seismic managed services. So he describes ways you can be relevant, add value, and ultimately earn healthy revenues and profits through cloud computing.

and more . . .

and more . . .

and more.

- - - -

Here's The Deal on Cloud Services Roundtable

As you can see, it takes many hours to put all this info together. And I literally get emails every week asking me about the details of our cloud offering and what we recommend. I have a job (or two), so I can't respond to everyone one-on-one. I redirect people to Cloud Services Roundtable.

There you can listen to any live broadcast for free.

If you want dozens of hours of recorded material . . . well, that $4.95 per month. A very reasonable fee.

Anyway, check it out. Right now we're doing a little re-org of the site to make it easier to find stuff. Your patience and support is appreciated.


Want to figure out how to make money with Cloud Computing?

Join the Cloud Services Roudtable today and listen a great series of podcasts!

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