Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Installment: Migrating from SBS to the Cloud with MSPU

So far we've done two installments in our series with Managed Services Provider University entitled Migrating from SBS to the Cloud. The first two seminars are . . .

Part 1 = The View from 20,000 Feet

Part 2 = Options, Hardware, Software, and Service Considerations

Both are available for member downloads at Cloud Services Roundtable

On Tuesday May May 11th I'll present the final seminar: Part 3 = Building a New Business Model

In the first installment I identified 18 core functions of the basic small business and talked about how you can choose to move these to various cloud based services. If you include telephony it would be 19.

The second installment looks at some of the specifics of choosing the hardware, software, and services that you'll bundle together in your offerings.

On May 11th, the third installment will cover the changes you can expect to your business model around all this stuff. Your business will change dramatically. How do you do that?

Of course there will always be some functions that are best placed in-house and will never move to the cloud. In the short term you'll live in both worlds. You will always be selling some servers. So the transition should be pretty smooth!

Join me May 11th on the MSPU webinar - Migrating from SBS to the Cloud Part 3 = Building a New Business Model

Cloud Services Roundtable

In case you haven't heard, we started a new broadcast/podcast series called Cloud Services Roundtable. It is normally broadcast live on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Harry Brelsford joins me on the third Wednesday of each month as co-host and business speaker.

The shows are recorded and available for download by subscribers. It is free to listen live and only $4.95/month to subscribe to past shows. And I must say that the feedback has been extremely positive. Check it out at Cloud Services Roundtable.


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