Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Microsoft Tips of the Week!

Got some good reminders from Suzanne Lavine, the Partner Community Manager who makes Western Region sparkle!

Take a minute and tune up your business. #1 is particularly cool. I love the solution accelerators!

- - - -

# 1 Microsoft Solution Accelerators

What are Solution Accelerators?

Tools and guidance that help you solve your deployment, planning, and operational IT problems. They are free and fully supported. [comment - they will certainly save you time and effort, make you look more professional to your end customers, simplify your processes]

What you can do with a Solution Accelerator? … to find out, go to this site

# 2 Virtualization Summit - attend in a location near you…..

Pursuing this MPN competency? I still have a few vouchers for training and exams. 1st come, 1st serve for Competency Attainment Only.

#3 End of Support for Some Versions of Software

This link will take you to the site with helpful links to determine best next steps.

- - - - -

Thanks, Suzanne!

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