Sunday, March 14, 2010

Third SMB Community Podcast Posted

Woo Hoo!

This Third big SMB Community Podcast has beet posted!

This episode features coaching and advice. It features information from coaches George Sierchio and Stuart Selbst. It includes some great perspective on employees and their role in security from David Kelliher at GFI. And we finish off with an excerpt from Erick Simpson's Service Delivery book.

Download the latest and greatest from . . .

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Previous installments include the introductory show and a very fun look at the SMB VOIP conference.

Thank You to all the contributors.

If you have anything you wish to contribute, please call the phone numbers listed below, or connect to karlpalachuk on Skype. Just leave your message there.

You could also send me a sound file in .wav, .wmv, or mp3 format. Just remember that really big files should not be just sent by email as they'll never show up. So if you have a larger file, email first and we'll make arrangements.

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  1. What I like about your blogs, Mr. Palachuk, is that in between your always useful information, you are always "closing."

    Fair enough!

  2. You've been the the MSPU training. ABC: Always Be Closing. Anyway that's one version of it. :-)


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