Sunday, March 07, 2010

First SMB Community Podcast Posted

Woo Hoo!

Well The First SMB Community Podcast has beet posted!

We had a rough start, but the train is finally moving.

As soon as we announced the SMB Community Podcast, we had a phone snafu. Got that fixed. Then I had to travel and finally got some shows put together this weekend.

And Now . . . Ladies and Gentleman: The First Ever SMB Community Podcast. Starring . . . YOU.

You can Download the first show directly from here - About 14 MB

If you want to download multiple show, or find out how you can contribute, check out the SMB Community Podcast web site.

The SMB Community Podcast is an experiment in letting everyone who wants to contribute to the discussion of topics in the SMB Space.

This is a podcast created from the collective minds of the SMB Community. I'm hoping it will be educational, inspirational, funny, and a real community-building tool. For more information.

The first show includes:

Intro by Karl Palachuk
Endorsement by a fan
Coaches corner
and an Introduction to What We're All About

The second show is in production and will include information and snippets from the SMB VOIP Conference that just finished.

To contribute to future podcasts, please check out All you have to do is dial in . . . and we'll put you on the air.


Three Podcasts in One!

We're going to have three categories of SMB Community Podcasts:

1. Crowdcast with snippets of all kinds from anyone who contributes. This includes shout-outs, jokes, quick advice, best practices, and whatever YOU decide to contribute.

2. Reports from conferences, user groups, vendor events, etc. Anytime you go someplace, please take a few minutes and file an audio report with us. It's free and you get to be a "cub reporter" for all us those who don't attend the event.

3. Educational and Motivational programs. Book excerpts, educational marketing from vendors, etc. When we get good educational and motivational materials, we'll slip it into these podcasts.

We're also VERY open to your input. If you think there's something else that our community needs, please ping [email protected]. The goals here are participation and fun. So we're happy to try new things.

Please check it out - and leave your feedback on the call-in phone lines!


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