Monday, March 22, 2010

Cloud Services Roundtable: Pointivity

Next Up on the Cloud Services Roundtable: Kent Erickson - Cloud Service Offerings for the SMB Space

This is a Special Day. See note on the end regarding schedule.

Kent is with Pointivity in San Diego and we'll talk to him about building large-scale cloud services for the SMB space. For more details, see the web site.

Broadcast is scheduled for
Wed. Mar. 24th
9:00 AM Pacific

More information and registration at:

Kent Erickson
We'll talk to one of the great trainers and evangelists of cloud computing in the SMB Space - Kent Erickson from Pointivity. This company has been providing training on Cloud Services and developing some cloud offerings specifically for SMB resellers. And this week they are announcing a great new project called Cloud Channel. See

We're going to let someone else scoop the actual announcement. We're not the ace reporters. But we'll do an in-depth interview and give you as much specific information as we can about how you can make money in the cloud. As Kent says . . .
    "The launch of ChannelCloud is going to be exciting. Something totally new and sorely needed in the channel. Our goal is to propel channel members into the next evolution of computing and distance themselves from their competitors. The cloud is a blue ocean opportunity and early adopters who can achieve speed in execution will capture the majority of the gains."

Topics Include:

1. General discussion on the cloud . . . What is driving, implications, critical path/rate of change, hurdles, opportunities.
2. What options does the channel have in adopting cloud technologies for their practice
3. What to look for in choosing a cloud platform or partner
4. We can discuss the value proposition of Channel Cloud

Join us to see what kinds of services are available for resale and how your company can profit from these offerings (this company and others).

Kent's Contact info:

Email [email protected]

Schedule Note
Note: There is a schedule change for the Cloud Services Roundtable in March and April. We normally broadcast live on the first and third Wednesdays. But due to travel and other commitments, we are having a few shows on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

These show include March 24th, April 14th, and possibly April 28th. One of these is . . .

Join us for a great show!

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