Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vlad Mazek on the SMB Conference Call

Please join me on

February 4th, 2009

9:00 AM Pacific Time

as I talk to Vlad Mazek, MS MVP, Entrepreneur, blogger extraordinaire, and

Hosting Provider

Our topic will be

How To Do Hosting The Right Way

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Are you Considering Being a Hosting Provider?

Microsoft's vision for our future is that we will either

1) Resell their hosted services

2) Become a Hosting Provider

Now, the rest of the Whole Hosted World might have a different view. But they basically have the same choices for you: Resell someone else's hosted stuff or host it yourself.

Vlad Mazek is a very well known member of our community -- and he's been providing hosting for quite awhile.

He'll join us to discuss how to do hosting the right way.

- Avoid the pitfalls

- What to expect

- What to really expect

- Why it's easy to do a bad job

- Liabilities, pitfalls, and reasons you might want to avoid hosting

Vlad's written a great white paper on getting started with hosting. Request that now and read it before the show.

Join us February 4th.

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More info:

- SMB Books

- Own Web Now

- Exchange Defender

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This is an audio only program. Please dial in, use the Gotowebinar audio, or Skype your way in.

However you get there, Get There.



  1. How do we get access to the white paper?

  2. Go to Vlad's Blog. On the right hand side is a link that says "Get the Newsletter."

    Vlad will post his stuff there.


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