Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Announcement from SMBTN: SMB Summit Opportunities

The SMB Summit web site is up and in full swing at

How would you like to save $400 off the regular conference price right now?

Jim Locke announced these details on the SMB Conference Call this morning. He'll be going public to the world on Friday. In the meantime, you can take advantage of this early-early registration offer right now.

Here are the details:

First, there's a $100 early bird discount until the end of February.

Second, there's a $100 discount for using the code below.

Third, in addition to all that, SMBTN has a new Vendor Rewards Program. With this program, you agree to attend one or two of the vendor presentations at the SMB Summit and, at the end of the presentation, you will receive a $100 gift card (limit 2).

Those who sign up first can receive up to $200, others will receive up to $100. Slots for both programs are limited.

Here is how it breaks down for different groups:

Type Regular
Vendor Rewards
SMBTN Business Member$595-$100-$100-$100$295
SMBTN Community Member$695-$100-$100-$100$395
Attendee with Discount Code
- - smbbooks09

Note: The only folks eligible for the SMB Books discount are those who start out at the attendee level. Everyone else is already getting a major discount.

Remember, there are additional benefits to becoming an SMBTN Member as well, including a one year subscription to EventID.

My company -- KPEnterprises (Sacramento's Premier Microsoft Small Business Specialist) -- is a corporate member of SMBTN. I recommend this group very highly. Even the "free" membership has great benefits.

- - - - -

And, by the way, Congratulations to SMBTN for continuing to find new and interesting ways to bring great content to the SMB Consulting community.

This will be the 5th Annual SMB Summit!

The theme is "Preparing for the Upswing: Insights and Best Practices for a changing economy."

There will be tracks on Business Management, Sales & Marketing, and Service & Technical.

Speakers will tentatively include Wayne Small, Erick Simpson, Karl Palachuk, Matt Mackowicz, Ken Thorsen, Stuart Crawford and a host of others.

The event will also feature a pre-day events by Robin Robbins and others, vendor training, and the new SMB Summit awards program, sponsored by SMBTN and ChannelPro SMB magazine.

See you there!


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