Tuesday, February 03, 2009

HTG All - It's All Good

I've been decompressing from a week in Dallas for HTG's first ever Super Week. Some peer groups met Monday/Tuesday. Some met Thursday/Friday. "Universal" content was presented on Wednesday.

The Best thing about the meetings was my HTG 13 group. I'm grateful for that.

Unlike many people at the HTG events, I go to lots of other conferences. I can have lengthy conversations with people about marketing strategies, hiring, firing, referral programs, and every other thing about my business. I've had some amazing get-togethers with people at WTG, SMB Nation, SMBTN, MSP Revolution, SBS Migration, and many other conferences.

But even if I talk to a handful of people again and again, these discussions are each individual events. It's rare that there's any follow-up to see there's any follow-through on what we discussed.

HTG is different because we share goals -- and hold each other accountable.

We start by reviewing how our businesses did in the last quarter. Good, bad, or ugly. We're here to work "on" our businesses.

Then we review how we did on our specific goals for the quarter. For example, evaluating Autotask and revising my Managed Service web site were two of my goals.

Before we depart for the quarter, we each establish goals for the quarter ahead. So I better have a sticky note with my plans on it. Oh, and that un-finished goal to revise the Business Continuity Plan? That doesn't go away. So instead of three goals, I have four to work on.


No matter how well you're doing, it's hard to take a week off of work and then come home exhausted. You have to believe that it really will improve your business. In my case, I also have to make my wife believe that it will improve my business. So far, we're good to go.

I hope I can implement most of the great ideas I was exposed to before the next HTG meeting. I'm looking forward to it!


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