Saturday, November 03, 2007

Resource reminder:

Resource reminder:

Just wanted to make sure that all the user groups, products, and people out there with t-shirts to sell were aware of the great SMB T-Shirt Project.

It's over at

Here's the deal:

Anybody and everybody who is associated with the SMB Consulting Community and the Small Business Server community can participate. Create a T-Shirt. Make it interesting and clever so that others will want to purchase it. (And let's see if we can reduce the number of white t-shirts in the world.)

It costs nothing to post your stuff. The site sponsor (great little book) makes nothing from this. But you can!

If you user group, or just you personally, want put together a t-shirt and make it available to the rest of the universe, here's your opportunity.

The goal is simply to create a place where we can support each other and have an endless supply of clothes to wear.

The site has almost no rules. It's just a clearing house for your t-shirt sales.

It does contain links to some places (such as cafepress) that have a hosted solution to merchandise sales.

Remember: the site's free. So, if you request to have a shirt or two listed, it may take a few days as the volunteer web dude gets around to it.

ALSO: Note that we hope to get more shirts posted as a result of this announcement, so you'll want to check back from time to time.


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