Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Microsoft, oh Microsoft. Why have you abandoned me?

Lament of the Abandoned Technician

Befuddlement reigns in the land of the SBSC.

My good friends at Microsoft have courted me for two years. They have bestowed upon me new certifications and lopsided badges of blue. Lo, they have offered special promotions to me, and granted to me a special zip code finder-thingy that never quite worked.

Verily, I tell thee. I have been loved.

Now comes word that I shall be foresaken. My clients shall be wrenched from my bosom and served alongside pay-per-view by a minimum wage cable-puller with tan lines on his butt crack.

Microsoft, oh Microsoft. Why have you abandoned me?

Have I not done thy bidding? Did I not buy the books and pass the exam? Did I not attempt to pull up mine own self by my bootstraps?

When you plastered Harry B and Level Platforms all over thy pages, did I not visit them? When you launched SMB symposia, did I not attend? On newsgroups and blogs and in emails, did I not heap accolades upon thee?

Why, then? Why have you now abandoned all pretense of friendship and planned to steal my loving clients?

Why have you conspired with a foolish provider to take from me the clients I have earned, and to then provide them with interrupted service and applications that fail?

Do you not see that I am your Partner? I have met thy requirements. I have used my mouse and clicked upon my acceptence. I have accepted pennies to thy dollars.

What say you?

I shall provide the service? But what service have you left me?

What say you?

I shall provide planning and strategy? That self-same client will rely on me for a vision of the future?

Surely this cannot be, for I am not a business consultant.

My lot has been that of a technician only. I speak of servers and switches. I understand registries and "hacks." Mine is not the world of strategy and fine-tuning.

I have not made a role for myself to play. Surely, my old beloved friend, you will tell me what is left for me to do.

Tell me, dear friend Microsoft, what would you have me do?

For, surely, you cannot abandon me.

Microsoft, oh Microsoft. Why have you abandoned me?


  1. This is really funny, Karl! Sad but true.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    In case you want to see what Karl was lamenting on, besides the melting of a glowing red ice cube stuck to his forhead in Denver, he is refering to this news: http://sbsc.techcareteam.com/archives/122 (sorry but you have to copy and past on this myspace quality medium - come on Karl! Can you say BlogSpot? Ask Vlad...)

  3. More lamentations and more lamentations!

    Verily, Mark, you are a man of constant sorrow!



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