Thursday, November 01, 2007

Managed Services in a Month Reposted

The little series I did on "Managed Services in a Month" has received a lot of attention.

I looked at it the other day and realized that it's kind of a pain to have that much sequential information on a blog. You need to find an index (like Philip Elder constructed: Then you need to print out each article and put them all in order.

And, I realized, that an important piece is in the article that immediately preceded the big series.

So, I've decided to make your life easier.

As I always do.

Over at you'll find the whole series, including the post immediately before and the one immediately after the series. I've also included the posts that were answers to questions as the series progressed.

If you WANT to print it out and read it at the beach, you can now do that much more easily.

I corrected a few typos, but I didn't make any editorial changes.

And I added a linked index at the top and some "return to top" links so you can navigate a little more easily.

Free, of course, but now all in one convenient location.


  1. This has been the talk of the town since you posted and I can certainly say it's making a difference to quite a few businesses even if it's just making them think. I love your positive and practical approach. What can I say but just Thanks!!

  2. Karl,

    Thank you for the nod! :D


  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Hello Karl,

    I'm a regular reader of your posts even though they don't always translate in the French business reality. I wanted to thank you for being such a thought-provoking writer. Your Managed Services series made me rethink my tiny business (5 years in operation, 2 people) in a big way! And yes, I signed a client for managed services too. This is how we do it over here: I put together a three-tier plan for servers and for clients - the Silver plan includes antivirus licences and the post-infection recovery operations, the Gold plan includes TrueImage licences and the hardware for automatic backing up of the systems. So the plans for the clients end up a bit more expensive but include some licences. I also propose a Hardware as a Service agreement that is essentially the same that a MSA, only the initial setup fee is included. I was lucky to find a financial partner who can pay me the entire 3-year labor fee at the beginning of the contract, then leases monthly the machine and the service to the client. I think this is a huge way to build cash flow without owning all these machines yourself. The caveat is, you still have to manage the machine for the 3 next years and no more money will come from it. I guess the next contracts will keep us balanced until we grow enough so that the agreements renewal is enough to sustain the company. Anyway, just my 2 cents... Thanks again for what you do!


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