Friday, November 23, 2007

Network Documentation Workbook - limited time offer

As you may know, our most popular product, The Network Documentation Workbook is approaching "end of life."

So we have about a hundred brand new books to sell, and then we're done with it.

BUT we also have about 40 damaged books. Only the covers are damaged. Other than being a bit tattered on the outside, the inside is perfect. Includes the CD, of course.

These are a spectacular deal right now, while supplies last.

These damaged books are available at half price: Only $45 each.

Order now. When these are gone, they're gone. And then we're back to the full-price books that remain.


If you've ever considered buying The Network Documentation Workbook, and put it off for some reason, this is your chance.

Check it out at


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    HI Karl - how do I purchase one of the damaged books/Cd? COuld not find it on the site. Thanks.

  2. Unfortunately, the sale is over. The damaged books sold out very quickly.

    I'm sorry we only had about 40 that were damaged.


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