Friday, January 13, 2023

Harry Brelsford Presents . . . MSP Rescue - Chicago, February 17th

All New Event!

Long-time community builder and author Harry Brelsford sent me flyer for this new event.

Says Harry, "It's time for MSPs to INNOVATE in 2023 to THRIVE under any economic scenario."

This one-day conference in Chicago is February 17th and features a great selection of speakers:

  • Harry (SMB MSP OG) Brelsford, CEO and Founder of SMB Nation
  • Lori Tisinai, President, President and Technology Optimization Specialist, Computer Concepts USA
  • Rayanne Buchianico, Owner, MSP Accountant and PSA Consultant at ABC Solutions, LLC
  • Curt Hicks, CEO at Centaris
  • Paco Lebron, Podcast Host at MSP Unplugged and CEO at ProdigyTeks
  • John Iwanski, Board Member, Moonshot Equity Partners
  • Shaun Lang, Senior Technical Account Manager, Ferrum Technology Services 
  • Juan Carlos Bosacoma, Founder and President, – CIO Landing
  • Chris Tiffany, Founder, Sprinter IT
  • Joe Tantillo, President, Apollo Blue

Learn more and register today at


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