Thursday, April 15, 2021

Mike Semel Joins the Small Biz Thoughts Roundtable

I am proud to announce that Mike Semel will join us on the May SBT Roundtable. This intense conversation will be all about thinking at a higher level.

Mike Semel is recognized as a thought leader in the compliance and IT industries. Mike developed Semel Systems, a series of training systems for MSPs to help jump-start sales based on cybersecurity and compliance. He is the President and Chief Security Officer of Semel Consulting, focused on regulatory compliance and Business Continuity planning. 

The SBT Roundtable is a monthly escape from the daily grind to dive into a purely intellectual discussion about thinking at a higher level as a business owner. Our previous guests have included Fortune 100 creative directors and some of the best-known thought leaders in public relations, marketing, and (of course) IT services.

Our goal with the SBT Roundtable is to move guests away from their standard "prepared remarks" and talk about how they think differently from the rest of us. 

The SBT Roundtable is a members-only event for the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. It happens once a month and has become one of the primary benefits of membership.

More about Mike:

Mike is a CMMC Registered Practitioner, Certified Security Compliance Specialist, Disaster Recovery Institute Certified Business Continuity, Certified HIPAA Professional, and Certified Health IT Specialist. Mike wrote the Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP) and Certified Workforce HIPAA training for 4MedApproved. He has owned or managed technology companies for over 30 years; served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a hospital and a K-12 school district; and managed operations at an online backup company.

And, of course, he's the author of the book HIPAA Headaches.

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