Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Download a Model Sales Funnel Spreadsheet over at Cheeky Sales Coach

In Episode 25 of the Cheeky Sales Coach, I mentioned a Model Sales Funnel Spreadsheet you can create in Excel. Then I went ahead and made one for you.

See the video here:

This download consists of an Excel spreadsheet for documenting sales campaigns, and a 4-page instruction document.

You can use this spreadsheet to document campaigns in real time, and then use this information to define and set goals for future campaigns. Over time, you can determine benchmarks for the performance of your sales campaigns.

The following items are included in this Zip file:

  • The Model Sales Funnel in Excel format.
  • Instructions in PDF format.

Note: The spreadsheet is part of the "premium content" on the Cheeky Sales Coach site.

Note also: If you are a member of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community, you can use a discount code to get all of the premium content at no additional charge. Your discounts are found as a drop-down next to your name once you're logged into the Community.

Other Cheeky downloads include:

  • Amazing Proposal Template
  • Sales Campaign Construction Kit

. . . And if you haven't watched all the Cheeky Sales Coach Videos, you can view all 25 for FREE over at YouTube:


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