Monday, January 04, 2021

WOW! We really put out a lot of info in the last 30 days. You missed some of this ...

You May Have Missed This . . .

I somehow managed to post 110 posts to this blog in 2020. That's about nine per month. Many people primarily get information about what I'm up to on this blog. Others, primarily through my newsletter (sign up at, and still others via my YouTube channels.

So, no matter how you get information, you're bound to miss something. I always put a list of recent activities in my weekly newsletter. But even there, I don't cover every little thing.

Here are some recent Mentions by Others and appearances on various forums in the last month.

Paul Green's Growth Guide. You can see it here:

- Hard to read and impossible to print. But it has lots of resources!

Paul also hosted Nigel Moore and me on his podcast. This was a great way to end the year. It started with Nigel and I in Santa Barbara in January. So it was great to close the year out with another event with Nigel. This one was interesting to record since Paul is eight hours ahead of me and eleven hours behind Nigel. A truly global podcast!

Acronis sponsored an "MSP Town Hall" discussion with Amy Luby, Dave Sobel, Amy Babinchak, and Erick Simpson.

Replay here:

Here's the stuff I produced in the last month, other than this blog.

Relax Focus Succeed Blog:

Work ON Yourself, Not Just In Yourself

SMB Community Podcast:

Common Misconceptions with Google Ads

Richard Tubb on Continuous Awesome Marketing

New Book: Tech Up or Lose Out

How to Effectively Communicate Your Brand Story to Generate Leads

Manuel Palachuk and the “IT Confidential”

The Killing IT Podcast:

Episode 92 – End-of-Year show: 2020

Episode 91: AI Doppelgangers, Google Outage, and Vaccine Apps

Episode 90 – Pandemic Burnout; Modern Data Centers; Uber and Out

Episode 89 – Fighting Inequality with AI, Cheap Energy, and “Edge” Opportunities

Episode 88 – Robo-job Apocalypse Delayed; NATO Publications; and Facebook Algorithm

Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community:

January Roundtable: The Hard Truth about Success

Quote Me on This – The Wit and Wisdom of Coleman Cox

Community Confab Meetings

Year of Intention – Class Posted

YouTube Videos for IT

Community News - January 2021

SOP: The 10 Most Important Rules of Backup

Convert 230 Volt European Plug to US 110 Plug

Travel Adapter Power 2021

SOP: Firewall and Router Configurations

How To Fix a Variable Resistor

SOP: Labeling Equipment

How to Add Chapters and Subtitles to YouTube Videos

SOP: Removing a Client from Cloud Services

Welcome to the SBT Channel!

SOP: Removing a Client from Managed Service


And we'll keep pumping out new information in 2021!

If there's a topic you'd like me to cover somewhere, put a comment down below.

. . . And have a great January.

- Karlp


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