Sunday, January 03, 2021

Top SOP Videos for 2020

We've had a great year on YouTube!

We had just over 61,000 views - and more than 2,800 hours of total watch time. And we've added almost 600 new subscribers.

Our most popular playlist is SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures.

I always appreciate comments and questions on these videos.

#1 Video - SOP: Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities

I am actually very happy that this is the #1 video. The Service Manager role is perhaps the most important role in any IT company. In addition to being a mentor and trainer, the service manager has to be a customer relations expert, an enforcer, a strategist, and a great deal more.

#2 Video - SOP: No One Needs a Monkey Hook

A few comments suggest that people aren't happy with this message. But the bottom line is: You don't buy something because you need the thing; you buy it because what it can do for you. Your clients don't buy managed services because they need monitoring. 

Monitoring is your thing. It's what you sell. They buy security. They buy peace of mind. 

#3 Video - SOP: Vendor Management

This video was leading the pack for much of 2020. I think many MSPs are very interested in managing their clients' vendors - but they're not entirely sure what that means. This video gives you insight.

#4 Video - SOP: Basic Sales Script

This is a peek into my sales process. You have to start somewhere, right?

#5 Video - SOP - Service Agreement vs Service Level Agreement

When I'm speaking and someone refers to "service level agreements," I also point out that they probably mean Service Agreements. There's a big different. And ignoring it might cost you a lot of money.

#6 Video - SOP: Front Office Responsibilities

Like the service manager roles and responsibilities, many people are interested in what they would have an office manager or administrative assistant do. Trust me, after you've had one for a few years, you won't know what to do without them!

#7 Video - SOP: Scheduling within the Service Department

I rely very heavily on a priority-based system. But when coordinating your company with your clients, you have to schedule work. I also have a strong preference for a system that allows technicians to manage themselves as much as possible. But you still need scheduling!

#8 Video - SOP: Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Perhaps the single most important thing you do in a managed service business. At some level, if you're not doing monthly preventive maintenance, it's hard to argue that you are delivering managed service. What's your list of  tasks to perform at every client, every month?

#9 Video - SOP: Client Visit

I'm glad that this is a popular video. I worry that too many companies have no process for a simple client visit. There are just a handful of things you need to do to guarantee success and establish your brand. 

#10 Video - SOP: Service Call Process

Finally, rounding out the top ten is another "basic" but extremely important process. How you execute a service call defines you company in the client's eyes.

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