Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Podcasts on Amazon

 Today Amazon announced Amazon Music Podcasts. And, I'm happy to announce, our podcasts are available there!

[Side note: The word "music" in that description is simply because that's the division of Amazon doing the distribution. I'm sure they'll change the name at some point.]

We submitted the SMB Community Podcast and The Killing IT Podcast some time ago.So, we were happy to see them magically appear among the podcast in Amazon's inaugural offering.

Free of course.

I'm sure Amazon will figure out how to make money from the more popular podcasts. Today, they have not announced any advertising of fees.

I signed up right away. Of course, I also signed up for several others (Dave Sobel's Business of Tech is also pictured here).

We shall see whether this pod-catcher becomes one of the big podcast distributors. My suspicion is Yes. After all, Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla of online content.

SMB Community Podcast - September 2020
As you can see, Apple and iTunes are the ultimate podcasting system.

The name pod-cast comes from the days of the Apple iPod. It was not the first MP3 player, but quickly became the most popular. And with the RSS protocol, you can subscribe to a podcast and have it automatically show up on your device when a new episode is published.

I've never seen stats from a podcast that did not attribute at least 50% of listenership to Apple/iTunes.

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SO: Amazon has their work cut out for them. But if anyone can contend as a newcomer to this space, it's Amazon.

My podcasts each list several other options for subscribing. You can check them out here:

- The Killing IT Podcast

However you list, we appreciate it! Feedback is always welcome.


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