Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Top Rated Videos Are A Great Introduction to Managed Services

I was looking through my statistics over on YouTube. I have almost 1,000 videos posted there. Over 250 are "SOP" (standard operating procedure) videos for IT service providers.

As I was browsing the most-viewed list, I realized that there's power in the so-called Hive Mind. What people are viewing most turns out to be a great introduction to some of the most important things you need to know to run your business well.

So, if you're new to IT consulting, new to managed services, or just want a little tune-up, here's a list that will give you a good introduction.

(If I were a classic 21st Century marketeer, I'd bundle these into a an Amazing Master Class - and sell it for $1,000 or more. But I'd rather give you all this for free in hopes that you'll decide to join my newsletter, buy a book, or join the Small Biz Thoughts Community.)


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Most Popular SOP Videos for IT Service Providers

1) Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities

2) No One Needs a Monkey Hook

3) Service Agreement vs. Service Level Agreement

4) Vendor Management

5) Basic Sales Script

6) Front Office Responsibilities

7) Scheduling within the Service Department

8) Monthly Maintenance Checklist

9) Client Visit

10) Network Documentation Binder

11) Network Checkup and Sales Process

12) The First Client Visit

13) Don't Answer the Phone

14) Service Call Process

15) The Slow Sales Process

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