Saturday, September 15, 2018

Internet Domain Documentation Kit

Just added a totally new SOP-related product to the Small Biz Thoughts Community: The Internet Domain Documentation Kit.

One of the most important things you need to track for your clients is the information related to their Inter domain names. This is one of the most neglected - and most important - tasks you should undertake.

This kit includes:

- A PowerPoint slide you can customize. It's a brief description for clients.

- A PDF of the PPT above.

- A Word document to list the Internet domains managed for a specific client.

- A Word document to report detailed information per Internet domain.

Information collected/reported includes registrar, administrative contacts, domain name servers, DNS records, web hosting info, email hosting info, and hosted spam filter info.

Short Description: Workbook/Kit. Contains client-facing materials. All forms are customizable.

- - - - -

This item is only available inside the Small Biz Thoughts Community.

Everything on the "inside" of the Small Biz Thoughts Community is available to members in good standing at no additional charge.

The community already contains dozens of audio programs, books, SOPs, recorded classes, word documents, and more. The current value of downloads now exceeds $3,050 - and more content is being added all the time.

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