Monday, July 16, 2018

Small Biz Thoughts Community News - July 16th

Happily . . . We are making great progress over at the Small Biz Thoughts Community -

I've added a super-quick video update here:

As of today, we're making great progress filling out the content, adding users who have signed up, and testing everything. We have almost 50 users signed up, and about 30 have their credentials now.

I know a few are poking around because I've seen their password reset requests.

This week I hope to get everyone else who's signed up into the system so we can start to stress test it. Kara will be adding more and more info. With luck, we'll double the content between now and August 1st. I will also be adding content.

Next up, we'll be scheduling community events . . . to take place after August 1st.

Current Pricing: $899 for Annual Membership - plus three bonus months.

August 1st Price: $999 for Annual Membership
$99 per Month


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