Thursday, July 12, 2018

Small Biz Thoughts Community - Intro Webinar July 19th

It's Almost Live!

The Small Biz Thoughts Community will go live on August 1st - But you can Save Now on your annual membership.

Join me Thursday, July 19th for a look inside - and a chance to answer all your questions.

Replay of Webinar Here.

We have a few dozen people signed up already, and some of the Community Leaders are busy starting conversations on the forums.

In the meantime, Kara and I are working against the clock to get as much content as we can posted to the site. We don't want you to be overwhelmed, but we do want you to see great value on day one.

I'm writing content and putting together drafts of welcome documents and videos. I've also created a new account just for use inside the community.

This site has two primary goals:

1) Community

2) Content

I just had a phone call today with another community member who is super excited to see what we do with the Small Biz Thoughts Community. Please take a look at the resources listed below.

Webinar Replay Here (YouTube)

If you have questions, we'll answer then on that webinar - or you can email me now if you just can't wait.

Links and Info:

Annual Membership will be $999 starting August 1st.

You can save $100 today - so the price is only $899. AND we'll throw in three extra months. So you get 15 months for only $899. That's 39% off the regular price.


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  1. I got a note from a friend about the difference between this community and ASCII. Here's what I told him:

    Josh, Thanks for the note. Here’s what you can tell folks:

    The SBT Community will be a great complement to the ASCII Group and we will continue to promote ASCII as we always have. Our focus will be on creating a vibrant, educationally-focused community of experts and partners, providing massive amounts of content. We already have hundreds of hours and thousands of pages of content, and that will only grow, as will our online community forums.

    The SBT Community will be entirely vendor neutral, and will not even accept vendor money. We aren’t there to offer vendor discounts, sponsor multi-day events or offer vendor interventions for you as ASCII can. The SBT Community exists solely to help our members improve their business practices and make more money. ASCII can help you with the rest.

    I have always encouraged people to join ASCII (I think I’ve mentioned this in almost every book). And I will continue to do so. Other than the fact that we both focus on helping MSPs to make more money, there’s hardly any overlap in what we do.

    Thanks for asking.


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