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Small Biz Thoughts Membership Site - Coming August 1st

As many of you know from discussions earlier this year,

I am launching a membership site!

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What is the Small Biz Thoughts Community? 

Well, it has two primary components. First, it's a community. With luck, the community will have people interacting, meeting new people, sharing experiences, and helping each other learn new techniques to be successful going forward.

Our industry is in an era of massive change. Keeping up will not be easy. We will have educational components, training, live events, forums, contests, and more. When you say, "How do I make sure I didn't miss anything?" the answer will be: Check the Community!

The other component will be content. We will gradually add materials from my vast library of resources. This includes books, white papers, audio programs, recorded webinars, handouts, checklists, standard operating procedures, and more.

Plus, we're going to have something no one else has done in our community, ever: A Break Room. Details to be announced.

My personal mission is to inspire success through a combination of serving myself and serving others. Not sure about that? Read Relax Focus Succeed. That's been my mission for more than a dozen years.

I honestly and sincerely want YOU to be successful. I have dozens of emails from people telling me that they figured out cloud services because of my webinars, or they sold their first managed service offering because they were inspired by Managed Services in a Month. That's dozens of emails from this year, 2018. I have over a thousand emails like that from the last ten years.

When people ask me what I do, I say,

"I help technology consultants to be better at the business part of their business."

And after all these years, that adds up to this project: Community and Content. The benefits are obvious: Make more money while we engage in building and maintaining a community of technology consultants that is ever-changing and ever-learning.

This is critically important in an era of Exponential Change. If you want some information about the tip of the iceberg regarding this era of exponential growth, please check out my January presentation on the State of the Nation Address for 2018.

The bottom line for YOU is that you need to figure out how to guarantee your success going forward. You need to maintain your skills. You need to grow the skills within you company. You need to figure out how to survive and thrive in an ever-shifting environment. The SBT Community is dedicated to your success.

In a perfect world, every single member of this group will have the skills, processes, and habits that will allow them to retire wealthy. I can't promise that, of course. You have to do your part. This is absolutely not a get-rich-quick scheme.

My entire approach to success is this: Go to work. Work really hard. Go home. Have a life. Enjoy your life. Then go to work the next day, work your ass off, and do it all again. Rinse and repeat for twenty years.

Simple, right? The point is, you have to work really hard.

But I'm here to help. And my vision is that the SBT Community will be here to help.

How are we different? Well . . . we're going to have . . .

  • Massive amounts of content
  • Fresh Content
  • Great forums (special interest groups)
  • No vendor advertisements*
  • Thousands of pages of checklists, worksheets, documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.
  • New, fresh, interactive events every month
  • (Eventually) ALL of my works. All of my books. All of my presentations. All of my checklists. All of my recorded content. All of my audio programs. All of my webinars. etc.
* Vendors are absolutely welcome! But we're not selling advertising inside the community. I want a community built by and for the members. Vendors are extremely important to your business, so we'll welcome them to participate. We just won't have a site that looks like Times Square, filled with so many ads that you can't find the content.

Our Challenge is to help you to be successful in the ever-changing Exponential Century.

If you're one of the 75,000 I.T. professionals I'm connected with by email or social media, then you know that I've been educating and building this community for almost fifteen years. No one provides more education than we do. No one provides more free content than we do. No one has sold more books focused on Managed Services than I have. This is literally all I do!

As a result, you can count on me to work full time to make this community work, to make YOUR business successful, and to help you keep up with the new, emerging technologies that will make your successful in the years ahead.

Our goal is very simple:

The Small Biz Thoughts Community keeps you profitable 
on the cutting edge of technology consulting.

- - - - -

Enough build-up. Here's what we're doing.

I'm launching the site August 1st. But I'm pre-launching the site today. Here's what it's going to look like. "Standard" pricing will begin September 1st. Standard pricing will be:

•       Monthly Price: Only $99 (one year commitment)
•       Annual Price: Only $999 (Save 16% with annual membership)

But of course I have a "Launch" bonus.

If you sign up in the month of August, and buy the annual membership, I'm going to give you three additional months for free. So August pricing looks like this:

August Price - Save Big

  • Monthly Price: Only $99 (one year commitment)
  • Annual Price: Only $999
  • Bonus: 3 additional months FREE
    (15 months for the price of 12)
  • Save 33% with annual membership!
  • Founding Member Status

You can save even more if you buy before the site is actually launched! You can save $100 more by purchasing in July:

July Price - Save Bigger

  • Annual Price: Only $899
  • Bonus: 3 additional months FREE
    (15 months for the price of 12)
  • Save 39%!
  • Founding Member Status

And, finally, you can save even more if you buy right now! You can save $200 more by purchasing in June:

June Price - Save Biggest

  • Annual Price: Only $799
  • Bonus: 3 additional months FREE
    (15 months for the price of 12)
  • Save 46%!
  • Founding Member Status

The bottom line is simple: The sooner you sign up, the better for you!

Go to the sales page here: Sign Up Today

Note that prices go UP July 1st. Check it out today.


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All these resources and more. 

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  1. Here's wishing you and all members of your new community abundant success, edification and mutual growth going forward.


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