Saturday, April 21, 2018

New Audio Download: Weed Your Client Garden

New Audio program:

Weed Your Client Garden and Grow Your Profits

Can you really grow your business by getting rid of clients? Absolutely! In this 35 minute audio presentation, I provide a very practical guide to increasing your revenue – and your profits – by getting rid of clients who take more than they give.

Learn several very practical strategies to transform your business by trading your lowest-paying clients for larger clients - without losing any money. In fact, there are several practical practices to help you increase profits without having to hire more technicians.

This is an all-new audio program. I have been talking about "Weeding your client garden" for more than ten years. Here's a quick (35 minute)  presentation. The download includes a worksheet for evaluating clients - as explained in the audio program.

Package includes: Audio MP3, presentation slides in PDF format, Worksheet for client evaluations.

On sale right now at SMB Books. Only . . . are you ready for this? $9.95 !!!


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