Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ten New Video Podcasts

Have you been following the SMB Community Podcasts?

This year I've made a commitment to produce a lot more of these. So far, I've added ten new interviews during 2018. One more will be posted in a few days.

Check out what we have so far at The format is a time-saving 30 minutes. Generally, we don't show slides or let people do PowerPoint presentations. This is a real interview. I plant the seeds and the guest talks about what they want.

I post the interviews as both an MP4 (uploaded to my YouTube channel) and MP3 formats. So if you just want to listen and go jogging, you can take it with you.

Here are the podcasts so far this year. Give a listen and don't forget to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Interview: Herman Pool / Vertical Axion

Dave Sobel on Future Trends (and More)

Michael Siggins – What’s New at ChannelPro?

We Held a Community Meeting . . .

Joshua Liberman: Selling Security

Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover – Executive Marketing Collective – on IT Marketing Strategies

Justin Esgar – ACES Conference 2018

James Kernan on Sales Coaching – and More!

Rayanne Buchianico – Welcome to Tax Season!

Josh Peterson – Managed Services in a Month Peer Groups!

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