Thursday, March 22, 2018

Managed Services and Cloud Service - Killer Combo

Gotta say: I love the stuff we're doing on this year's SMB Roadshow.

We've only got FIVE shows left this Spring. So if you haven't signed up yet, now is a great time.

First, I cover a massive - but extremely important - topic: The 25 Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Running a Service Business. These are literally the rules I created in my own company. They are phrases and beliefs that summarize how a successful business works.

And I'll bet there are some real surprises in there.

I have tried to keep this presentation under two hours and I can't do it. Too many questions - and great audience participation. Plus - there are several slides that will pay for the cost of the seminar if you just follow that one piece of advice.

Second, I am working with Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover from Executive Marketing Collective ( to bring some great marketing information to the Roadshow.

Our overall theme is about moving to the future and living in the new world that's emerging so fast. If your marketing used to work and hasn't performed so well lately, you might want to look at some of the new tips and techniques available today.

Finally, I close with a presentation on merging Cloud Services and Managed Services to create the Killer Combo. Again, I am sold on the exponential nature of change in our world today. This topic has been super fun because huge changes are happening all the time. I update my slide deck after every show!

How do you adopt exponential change into your business today?

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FAQs . . .

So, we get questions. Here are a few answers.

Q. Are there downloads?
A. Yes! Including slides, there are about 75 pages of downloads, including exercises and checklists.

Q. Is the seminar recorded?
A. Yes! We have audio recordings of the seminars - not video. In fact, some people like to listen to different cities. My material is a little different each time. And the Q&A is always different. So we'll post up several cities' recordings.

Q. If I signed up for one city, can I switch to another?
A. Yes! In fact, if you paid for one city, you can attend any other city at no additional charge. Not sure everyone needs that, but it's a "feature" we offer.

Q. If I sign up for a future city, can I access the downloads now?
A. Yes! When you sign up for any city, you'll receive information on accessing the attendee downloads page for the 2018 Roadshow. You will have access to all handouts, slides, and mp3 recordings.

Q. So do I have to show up?
A. No! You can treat this like a virtual seminar and I promise you'll still get your money's worth!

Q. I only see five more cities. Will you be adding cities?
A. That depends.

Let's be honest: It costs money to do this. I never sell from the front of the room. Or, for that matter, the back of the room. My goal is to give you value immediately.

But it needs to be worth my time. With airfare, hotel, meeting space, and (sometimes) a rental car, it can cost me $2,000 or more per city. So I need attendees.

I don't have any vendor sponsors and I don't endorse specific solutions in my presentations. But that independence means I also don't have vendor money.

So, on future shows: I will be adding shows in Boston and Long Beach in association with ChannelPro Network. And I will try to hold a year-ender seminar in Las Vegas because that worked pretty well.

As for other cities . . . I need to see how attendance shapes up. I've got airfare and hotels figured out for the next five cities. Then I'll take the Summer off and we'll see.

Bottom line for you: Sign Up NOW - that way, you won't miss this great show no matter what happens. Scheduled Cities:

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On site registration is $259. Early registration is only $199. Register Today!


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