Sunday, May 07, 2017

New Audio Program: Most Important Rules for Running a Successful Managed Service Business

I just posted a brand new program you can download today:

The Most Important Rules for Running a Successful Managed Service Business 

This is an audio program recorded live. Includes my flyer with the 22 most important rules I've used to build and run my companies over the last 22 years.

When I first started creating systems and hiring employees, I started paying attention to the "rules" that make us successful. If you've heard me speak, you probably have some of them memorized. Like: Get prepaid for everything.

I created a poster of the most important rules and everyone in my companies has it posted on their bulletin board. We speak these phrases to each other. They are our mantras for success. They help everyone see the big picture and understand the overall culture of our company. They drive our decisions.

And here's the key to success: It's not ONE rule that matters. I can't tell you that rule #7 is worth $1,000/month or 9% of revenue. It doesn't work that way. ALL of the rules, taken together, create a massive interactive effect that drives our success.

This audio program presents an introduction to all 22 rules for success. It was recorded live and includes some audience questions. Delivered as a ZIP file with MP3, slides, and the flyer in .docx format so you can customize it for your company and the rules that drive your success.

Available now at SMB Books!

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