Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Audio Program: Barbara Dove - Build a Robust Email Marketing Program

We are happy to announce that we've released a great new audio program with Barbara Dove - a true pioneer of IT Help Desk support.

This presentation was originally made at SMB Online Conference, hosted by Small Biz Thoughts. Dove talks about robust email marketing systems that are helping small IT companies thrive.

Whether the economy is moving up or down, you can Thrive – with Good Marketing!

This program is fifty minutes in length, delivered as a zip file with MP3, slides, and handouts.

Check it out now - only $19.95
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About Barbara Dove
• President and CEO, Dove Help Desk
• Topic: Build a Robust Email Marketing Program

• With over 15 years’ experience in senior management positions in service operations, Barbara has worked in executive and strategic service management positions at various computer and test equipment companies.

• Barbara founded Dove Help Desk in 2003 to provide the resources necessary to manage the routine requests from users to relieve the pressure on IT providers and their staffs. After 9 years, Dove Help Desk continues as a division of Global Mentoring Solutions, Inc. Barbara has an MBA and ME in Operations Research from Boston University and a BA in Mathematics from Wilson College. She has a black belt in six sigma and is a practiced Total Quality Management professional.

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Also New This Month: 

Modern Marketing Best Practices with Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Patrick takes a unique approach to Social Media. He starts out by stating that most of the 100 million people on Twitter are wasting their time!

But a few people and a few companies are having extreme success with social media. What separates these two groups? And more importantly, what is the legitimate role of social media in positioning yourself as an expert?

What do prospects do today when they consider hiring you? The do an Internet search! How do you show up? What is your online image, you Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, and your Twitter profile?

This presentation covers some great, simple techniques you can use to take your social media presence to the next level. And most importantly, he shows that almost no one is doing this effectively.

Check it out now - only $19.95
Buy Now at SMBBooks


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