Monday, November 14, 2016

Free File - 2017 Pay Periods, Pay Dates, and Holidays

I just finished one of my annual chores: Creating a handout for my employees with the pay periods, pay dates, and holidays listed.

No genius level stuff here.

But if you want a copy for free, CLICK HERE or click the graphic.

No registration, no nothing. Just click and download.

This file is in Excel format, so your browser might ask you to verify that you really want to grab it.

As simple as it is, a page like this is very handy for employees. Everyone knows on the the first day of employment which days are paydays and which are holidays.

I made a conscious decision about a dozen years ago to close on ten national holidays. If you include state holidays and religious holidays, you could easily close 20 days out of the year. But that's hard to manage when you are in a service business.

I picked dates that I'm pretty sure all my clients are closed.

Of course your holidays and pay dates will vary - especially if you're in another country. But this Excel spreadsheet is easy to edit. So if you don't have a template already, feel free to grab this one.


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