Friday, February 12, 2016

SOP Video: Create Your Basic Business Plan

There's something about small businesses that makes them believe they don't have to have a business plan. After all, almost none of them have even a one-page plan of action.

[For the record, 80% of those businesses will fail.]

We go to conferences and talk to other business owners. They don't have business plans. And they seem to be doing just fine.

[For the record, 80% of those businesses will fail.]

I know people who've been in business for fifteen years and never had a business plan.

[For the record, 80% of those businesses will fail.]

- - - - -

Get the point?

A business plan won't guarantee you success by any means. But I learned an important lesson when I started writing in college: You can't edit a blank page!

IF you have a business plan, you can tweak it. You can adjust it. You can do more of this and less of that. You can show it to your friend, your spouse, your employees, etc. You can talk about what your business is doing and where it's going.

You don't need a huge, complicated business plan that you'll never look at! But you DO need some kind of business plan. Success rarely happens by accident. So plan for it.

I've got some great tips here. And these are the links mentioned in the video:

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