Friday, February 26, 2016

LOGICnow Acquires iScan - Automated Risk Assessments

I got a special announcement from my friends over at LOGICnow, makers of MAXfocus. They've made another acquisition. This one dramatically improves the kind of security assessments you'll be able to do via the MAX platform.

Here's the press release:

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LOGICnow Acquires iScan

Automated Risk Assessments Help IT Professionals Calculate Security Risk in Dollars

MAX Risk Intelligence Solution enhances LOGICnow’s robust layered security offerings; empowering users to better assess data breach risks and centrally manage threat mitigation

UNITED KINGDOM – 26 February, 2016LOGICnow, the global market leader in integrated cloud-based IT Service Management solutions, announced today that it has acquired iScan Online, Inc. iScan’s technology will power the development of the LOGICnow MAX Risk Intelligence solution, enabling organizations to understand their total risk exposure by quantifying that risk in actual dollar terms.

The integration of MAX Risk Intelligence into the LOGICnow MAX Remote Management product suite will enable LOGICnow to deliver unique new security capabilities that will help its growing global community of IT professionals, representing over two million endpoints, meet the challenges of today’s complex threat landscape. Further building upon LOGICnow’s commitment to providing a comprehensive layered security solution to its customers, this acquisition will, for the first time, provide enterprises with access to automated vulnerability scanning to help prioritize threat mitigation strategies based directly on business costs.

“The iScan acquisition gives our customers a significant competitive advantage by equipping them with the ability to assess the risk to sensitive data, an organization’s most valuable asset,” said Walter Scott, CEO of LOGICnow. “As a full service IT Service Management company, with MAX Risk Intelligence, we now give businesses the broadest and most capable collection of detection, mitigation and management tools available to the market today.”

In particular, data-at-rest on systems can include highly-sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security and driver’s license numbers, date-of-birth records and credit card information. It is impractical to search for and catalog such information manually with the result that the risk cannot be identified or quantified, and while that data is exposed it is at risk of being breached. MAX Risk Intelligence enables IT Pros to quickly and easily conduct regular automated risk assessments within their IT environment to calculate the real-time risk of a data breach and assign a dollar value to it. The solution also helps to satisfy a host of regulatory compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCI DSS and FINRA.

Carl Banzhof, former iScan CEO and the newly appointed Vice President of Engineering for LOGICnow, states, “Our mission is to help customers understand their risk to a data breach. We delivered a world-class solution that some of the leading companies in the world depend on for visibility into their overall security risk. We’re excited to join the LOGICnow team and thank our customers and partners for their tremendous support and devotion.”

“It’s a fact that 87 percent of desktops and servers store unprotected personally identifiable information, and each day a compromised system goes undetected the cost of the breach increases,” added Billy Austin, former iScan President and newly appointed Vice President of Security, LOGICnow. “As an iScan Co-founder, I am thrilled to be joining LOGICnow to help drive this technology even further with the development of the strongest layered security stack in the market.”


About LogicNow

LOGICnow is the global market leader in the delivery of integrated cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to Managed Service Providers and end user businesses. LOGICnow’s MAX platform which includes Remote Management, Back-up & Disaster Recovery, Mail and Service Desk is the world's most widely-trusted ITSM offering. It has the backing of a global community with more than two million endpoints and the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the market. Our passion is to help IT professionals win through intelligent technology. For more information, visit

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