Wednesday, February 03, 2016

SMB Online Conference - First 50 Attendees Only $99

In my annual State of the Nation Address for SMB IT (which you can download for free), I mentioned that my theme for 2016 is

Success is a Habit

And that's the title we've given to the 2016 SMB Online Conference. This our fifth year for the SMB Online Conference and it's going strong.

We have most of our speakers lined up.

This year's conference is Two Full Days. That's 12 hours of great MSP education. And the prices can't be beat. Super Early Bird registration is only $99 per person for live attendance or $199 for live plus all the recordings.

That works out to less than $17/hour for great training in managed services from some of the best trainers and coaches in the business!

Speakers verified so far include

  • Karl W. Palachuk - (hey, it's my show, right?)
  • Amy Babinchak - Third Tier genius, Microsoft MVP, successful managed service provider 
  • Rayanne Buchianico - MSP Owner, QuickBooks specialist, coach 
  • Gil Cargill - Sales trainer, marketing genius, coach 
  • Manuel Palachuk - Author, Business Coach and Consultant 
  • Josh Peterson - Coach, Pier Group Organizer, Trainer 
  • Dave Seibert - MSP owner, Techfest founder, community leader, Microsoft MVP 
  • Erick Simpson - Author, Trainer, community leader

Note on Pricing:

If you're curious about "Sales" and discounts, here's the deal. Unlike many sites, I try to keep the price reasonable. Early bird buyers get great discounts. I always reward people who just trust that we'll put on a great show.

The price goes up as we get closer to June. So NOW is always the best time to buy. I promise you'll pay more later.

If you want to learn more about the speakers, visit the Speakers Page. You can read bios and click to check out what they're doing on Twitter, Facebook, their own web sites, and more.


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