Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Professional Consultants: Send Clients to This Blog for Third Party "Proof" of Your Advice

Awhile back I started a blog called Consultant or Amateur. It is intended for you to use with your end-user clients. I state right at the beginning that I am not looking for clients and readers cannot hire me.

What they CAN do is learn about some best practices and then use that to determine whether their IT consultant is really an amateur. Topics have included:

  • Windows 10 Strategic Deployment Advice
  • It's Surprisingly Easy to Opt Out of Ad Tracking
  • NOW is a Great Time to Change Your Passwords!
  • Super Easy SEO Test for Your LinkedIn Profile, Web...
  • Take Backups Seriously
  • Windows XP: Do Not Resuscitate
  • An Easy Way to Hack Into Your Web Site
  • What is Managed Services, Exactly?
  • Do Not Install Every Windows Update
  • Does I.T. Certification Matter?

and more.

I have always believed that there are right ways and wrong ways to do things. Not necessarily one right way and one wrong way, but at least one of each. You right way may not be mine, exactly. But I'm guessing that general "best practices" in IT are pretty well agreed on.

I encourage you to look through the site, subscribe to it, and send your clients there. For example, if you need a good argument for selling basic monitoring and patch management, my latest article on fighting viruses provides some excellent support.

Because I'm talking to your clients as a total outsider, I can tell them things you can't. Like stop being a cheap business owner! That article, for example, advises that you can't get away with a cheap firewall anymore - and it costs money to stay in business.

Of course you may not agree on everything. But that might even be better. Quote the paragraphs you like and send your clients there. You can even say I'm wrong about some stuff and right about others.

Basically: Use this as a resource to convince your clients to take their technology (and you) seriously.

If you can think of a topic I should address, let me know.


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