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Learn about Tech Soup's Global Partner Network - Live Tuesday, June 30th

The Globalization of SMB Webinar Series

from Small Biz Thoughts

The world is becoming very flat and very small. In other words, we're more connected than ever before. Things that seemed "exotic" twenty-five years ago are very common today. How does this affect the Small and Medium Business consultant?

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This series addresses many aspects of the globalization of SMB, featuring guests who have experience working across borders, across oceans, and across lots of time zones.

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June 30th, 2015
Chris Worman - Tech Soup GlobalRichard Tubb

Our June guest is Chris Worman, TechSoup’s Senior Director, Marketing and Communications.

Chris formerly worked in TechSoup’s Warsaw office supporting their Global Partner network, and prior to that, operated their partner NGO in Romania. With the combination of Chris’ knowledge of the TechSoup Donations, and other Programs, along with his practical experience operating and supporting NGOs that operate the TechSoup donation programs in other countries, he is the perfect person to provide insight on how to best leverage the TechSoup programs from various countries.

UPDATE: This webinar was recorded and may be found at

Prior guests have included:

- Vijay Nyayapati from Computer Support Company in Auckland, NZ.

- Richard Tubb from

- Dave Sobel from MAXfocus

- Ken Edwards from Maverick Mesa Computers

- Robert Crane - Director of CIAOPS (Computer Information Agency)

- Harry Brelsford fouder, SMB Nation

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