Thursday, June 11, 2015

Webinar: Everything You Need to Know to Sell Managed Security and Compliance

MAX 2015 Preview Webinar:

In the build-up to their big MAXfocus users conference in September, the good folks at MAX are holding a series of "MSP Expert" webinars.

Conference details here:

The next webinar is going to feature Steven Rutkovitz, CEO of Choice Technologies, Inc. Here are the details:

Everything You Need to Know to Sell Managed Security and Compliance

Steven Rutkovitz CEO, Choice Technologies, Inc

Date: Jun 30, 2015 11:00 AM EDT at:

Choice Technologies uses MAXfocus to deliver security services. Steve Rutkovitz, CEO of Choice Technologies will reveal their secrets for success as an MSP.  Utilizing their trademarked “Assess. Address. Maintain.” Choice demonstrates business value from security as a service.   Choice has racked up impressive numbers and margins - developing a security service offering over the past four years.

Key takeaways
• Understanding how selling Security as a Service is similar, but can be different from selling IT managed services

• MSPs looking to move towards Security as a Service can learn from one of the best success stories in the Channel.

- - - - -

The previous MSP Experts webinar got rave reviews. This one should be great!

You can check out past webinars and other MAXfocus videos on their YouTube channel at

If you're interested in checking out my webinar with MAX on the Three Killer Procedures That Will Make You More Profitable Today, click here:


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