Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Third Tier Announces Their First Product - Be The Cloud

 Mark your calendars.

Tonight - June 10 - 7:00 PM Eastern

Join Amy Babinchak and Philip Elder as they introduce Be The Cloud.

Amy sent me the following note:

Be The Cloud is a hardware/software solution designed and built by our own Philip Elder. You know Phil as the Cluster MVP, Hyper-V expert at Third Tier and all around hardware guru. He’s also a former SBS MVP and has taken all of this knowledge and rolled it into a solution so IT firms can make good money providing a cloud solution to clients. It’s called Be The Cloud, because that is what it does for you and your clients are going to love it.

The webinar launch will give you an overview of what this looks like from your clients point of view and for your bottom line.

Join at:

For more information right away, visit the Be The Cloud page at Third Tier.


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