Monday, February 02, 2015

All New Content: SMB Online Conference 2015 - Time To Thrive

I am extremely proud to announce that we have an amazing line-up for the 2015 SMB Online Conference. Our theme this year is Time to Thrive.
This is the year.


There are very few moments in your life when you will look back and say "That was a great opportunity." 

2015 is one of those years. The economy is picking up. There's still a huge pent-up demand from the long recession. Windows Server 2003 will be end-of-life in July. Cloud opportunities abound.

In addition to some just plain amazing people you've met before, this year's conference will feature some new voices to the SMB community. 

You only have so many opportunities in your career to make significant leaps forward. This will be a watershed year for many businesses. Will it be that for you?

Registration is Open for the 2015 SMB Online Conference!

Register Now
Here's the deal:

1) The absolute best price is right now.

2) The price WILL go up.

3) The first 50 people who register will get an amazing deal of only $99 per person.

4) Register early and you won't be disappointed.

We're going to create videos and Google ads and have a huge audience this year. But the first fifty people will definitely get the best deal. As a subscriber to my newsletter, I hope you'll one of those fifty.

Register Now. I promise you'll get amazing value from this conference.

Here are the speakers we've lined up so far . . . More to come:

  • Karl W. Palachuk - Author, Managed Service Provider
  • John Armato - Senior Vice President & Senior Partner, Creative Strategist Fleishman-Hillard International Communications
  • Amy Babinchak - Small Business MVP. Owner of Harbor Computer Services and Third Tier
  • Rayanne Buchianico - Accountant and MSP Business Consultant
  • Gil Cargill - Sales coach and consultant
  • Robert Crane - SharePoint Expert, Office365 Expert, Microsoft MVP
  • Bryan Currier - CEO, Advantage Technologies. President, Dental Integrators Association.
  • Manuel Palachuk - Author, Business Coach for IT Consultants
  • Josh Peterson - Professional Coach and Business Consultant
  • Dave Seibert - Community leader, Microsoft MVP, Author, speaker
  • Vince Tinnirello - CEO of Anchor Network Solutions, Inc. Community Leader
  • And more!


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