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Network Migration Workbook EOL: Now only $149.95 !!!

Super Monster Cyber Whatever Makes You Happy Sale!

The Network Migration Workbook is now officially

End of Life

Sale Price: $149.95

The Network Migration Workbook has been going strong since 2008. The Second Edition came out in 2012 and covers the last gasp of Small Business Server. This book is 530 pages PLUS you get access to all the content electronically, including a series of 200+ page checklists for performing Zero Downtime Migrations.

While we've sold the book around the SBS product, it's really a great guide to migrating ANY Windows server.

As you move clients off the last SBS servers and onto cloud services or stand-alone servers, you will save hundreds of hours with this book. Really. Find out LOTS more details here:

Check out the Table of Contents. Also see a summary of each chapter at

SBS End of Life and WAY Beyond

This book will be a resource you will use VERY heavily in the next year as you migrate clients off of SBS. Then you'll take the book apart and keep using the templates, checklists, and FORMS for the rest of your career. 

The extra documentation forms and checklists are worth the full price of $299.95 - really.

Now - until end of life - you get it all for just $149.95.

Is that one hour of labor for you or maybe two hours?

No matter what it is, it's a huge savings. 

Readers Love It . . .

“Karl Palachuk is a major thought leader in the world of IT services for small business. Now he and his brother Manuel have hit a grand slam with The Network Migration Workbook. If you do Windows Server migration projects, you owe it to yourself, your company, your staff, your clients, and even your family to get this book and implement the things you will learn.The Network Migration Workbook is incredibly comprehensive, and it includes everything you’ll need. It’s a tremendous resource and if it proves to be half as valuable to your company as it has been to us, you will be getting much more than your money’s worth.”
- Chris Boyle, President/CEO, MyITpros, Austin, TX

“And I realized that . . . for $249, Karl's book was going to save me that amount of hours and money as it would REMIND me of all the passwords, settings, configurations, and documentation that my own network is in dire need of myself.
Is it expensive in this day and age? I'm a cheap bean counter. Yes it's expensive. Can I justify the cost because I myself personally see where it's going to save me time, remind me of the settings, configurations, and all the other potential places where I need to document stuff needed for migrations in my own network? You betcha.
Which is why I bought it. As I can clearly see where it will save me time in planning (thus justifying the price tag).”
- Susan Bradley, SBS Diva, Microsoft MVP

"Awesome. Has to be the BEST investment I made in my business in the last 18 months.  Better still, updates get made available so I don't have to keep buying it."

- Rob Franklin, Technical Head of JPT Solutions, Nottingham, UK

Really . . . they do . . . 

Praise for the Network Migration Workbook

"Karl and Manuel have taken a very complex process and broken it down into comprehensive series of relatively simple tasks that most any competent technician should be able to follow. As the owner of the business, I can't tell you how valuable that is to me!

Read the entire book, cover to cover - Twice! Don't just skip to the checklists. Then proceed with confidence that you CAN complete the migration efficiently, effectively and most important, Profitably."

-Rick Bahl, Microsoft SBSC Advisory Board, Microsoft SBSC PAL

"The 2008 Migration Checklist has enabled us to deliver better projects by helping us better define deliverables, create more efficient workflow through the project, increase our project profitability and enhance the client satisfaction level. This is a step by step guide that will take you through every aspect of migration projects like defining the project scope, documenting deliverables, creating step by step processes to ensure your projects are a successful, assuring you're profitable and exceeding the client's expectations every time! This is a 'must have' guide for ANY technical service company"

-Kyle Elworthy, Network Essentials, Charlotte, NC

"Karl and Manuel have done an excellent job compiling their business and technical procedures into a series of checklists. The checklists are awesome. The beauty of this book though, is the fact that they also took the time to explain in great depth why things are done in the order they are done. The explanations found in the chapters that precede the actual checklists should be mandatory reading for anyone aspiring to build their own I.T. business and anyone employed in the industry."

-Philip Elder, MCTS, Microsoft SBS MVP Author: Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint

Network Migration Workbook Gimme

"This book is quite amazing. Someone telling you not only how to get it done technically, but providing the details of business rules and procedures that only come through blood, sweat and tears to make it all happen. Information normally never shared, especially with potential competitors! Karl and Manuel have spilled it all right down to quoting jobs and detailed checklists for a step by step approach in a typical network migration.

So if you are professionally involved in delivering small business IT solutions this book is a must have not only for benchmarking your own practices and performance but for some great detailed "how-to" technical information. The lists are right up-to-date for Microsoft SBS 2008as well as covering SBS2003. Great work and I hope these guys stay in business long enough to put out more books like this! Pays for itself on your next network migration."

- A. Frost

"Karl Palachuk has built his business around the idea that procedural approaches to delivering services will result in higher quality, and he's right. It's the eMyth at work, and this book is the result of that.

Karl provides for you the procedures. Every one of them. His entire process for performing migrations, ensuring you have every bit of detail you need to perform work as his team does. The level of detail provided here is extraordinary. I handed the book to my engineers, who were blown away by the ability to pick up the book and start working with it right away.

Consulting services like this are invaluable -- and Karl makes it available in a single, easy to use package.

Worth every penny."

- David P. Sobel, Microsoft MVP

"As anyone who has read the e-Myth books knows, the key to a successful business is standardization (that's how all the big retail franchises work). The key to standardization is documentation. Karl P. first gave the SMB IT consultant space the framework for that with his Network Documentation book a few years ago. The Network Migration Workbook not only includes updated forms from that book plus detailed information on how to plan and execute a profitable migration project conducted solely during business hours and with zero downtime to the customer's production environment.

Manual P. adds the technical information to make sure that the customer's network is always operational and that you always have a fail-safe way to roll back to the original configuration if there are any problems whatsoever. You should be able to recoup the price of this book easily in the first project in which you follow this book's checklists. If you religiously follow his 'Document Everything Every Time' mantra, you will instantly have a successful SMB IT consultancy."

- Roy Dodd, Quality Systems Solutions, Inc., Carpentersville, IL

Network Migration Workbook Gimme

"This is a great book. I ended up buying the migration book and the documentation book. The books lay it all out in a straight forward manner and make it easy to implement. I have my own small business consulting company and I have incorporated the network documentation in with my current document process to make it even better. Awsome! Thanks."

- Craig Ramsey, 404 Consulting

"Karl Palachuk is an author to watch in the SMB IT Consulting space. His previous books have helped our IT business, and this book... actually blew them all away. Chock full of practical advice from real-world experience along with pages and pages of rubber-meets-the-road checklists, this book has helped our business "McDonaldize" (think eMyth) our process of network migrations.

If you don't have a network migration strategy or would find value in comparing yours to the way a leader in this industry runs these types of projects, buy this book. It may look expensive, but it's really nothing compared to the value of our time and professional rates, and compared to the time it would take to assemble this kind of information.

Hats off to Karl, great job! Keep them coming!"

- Ben Ahlquist, ByteSmart Services, Wilmington, DE

"This book is a phenomenal resource for network migrations. Karl's writing is always crystal clear and concise. The material in this book has been laid out perfectly. Background information to understand the unique small business environment is ample. I've read Karl's blogs for some time and listened to him on his soapbox over and over again about CHECKLISTS. The checklists in this book are worth far more than the price of the book." 

- Steven Kleffman, Carmel, IN

Network Migration Workbook Gimme

"I bought one on pre-order, knowing from past KP books that it would be a winner. I must admit, I was scared to receive the $300/600 page monster. When I received it, I read it through almost cover to cover. I had so many questions, but also so many new insights to running network migrations. I ended up creating the workbook and, since I happened to have been working on a migration at that time, running them side-by-side (had no time to start over to do it "by the book".)

Got some great tips from the book, and know where I can tweak Karl's ideas to match how our organization works and have the process 100% documented in probably just a couple of hours if I just stat down and did it. I could confidently give this to a lower-level tech and sales person, let them run with it and expect minimal questions-many tasks are detailed down to the commands you would type in (which need slight tweaking of course for your particular site).

All in all, an excellent buy for anyone looking to document your migrations (you should be!) and to put some standardization to the process so less things slip through the cracks!

Keep 'em coming, Karl! (Oh, check out his Blog too)"

- By invisik "Small Business IT Buy", Minneapolis, MN

"Very happy with this book. At long last some easy-to-follow procedures for our little IT-shop. We have migrated our own network using the procedures in this book; we did a Win2000 server-based network migration; and we have installed a Terminal Server for a LOB package to integrate into an existing SBS2003 network.

We have chosen not to follow every single procedure to obtain a completely zero downtime migration / installation, as a little downtime is not very critical to our typical customers. But still the book is terrific, and if our customers were larger with a more complicated setup, we would certainly use the very thorough procedures.

Anyway I feel this book certainly has taken taken our professionalism to a higher level." 

- Erik Kristoffersen, Greenland

"Well what can I say.. Karl has done it again with the Network Migration Workbook.. and as the name suggests.. its a workbook. If you follow the book step by step you can have a very successful Network Migration.

All the forms and procedures are in this book and as a registered owner you can download all the electronic versions of them too.

If you want to learn how to do Migrations correctly the first time, then this is the book to get."

- Chris Timm, United Kingdom

"After purchasing/reading/listening to and using loads of Karl's previous work, the minute we received the email about pre-ordering for this workbook, I made the order. Not only did it have everything I expected from Karl, it had a whole lot more.

We had just finished a migration of 2 servers and 20 workstations the week before and we were hanging out for this book to arrive before then. Unfortunately for us it didn't arrive in Australia in time. The good part is as soon as it did arrive and we did a good look through, a lot of the procedures Karl uses are what we went through, so I know we are on track with most of our practises. The bad part is that there are thousands more little snippits of information that we could have used on this migration to save us some time, standardise the installation and DOCUMENT it much better.

We literally can't wait for our next migration so we can put the book to 100% good use. Even if you have an internal checklist for migrations and documentation, you cannot afford to NOT buy this workbook. I can't recommend it highly enough, the small amount of money will more than pay for itself on your next migration and will leave your customer much happier than if you didn't use the book."

- Nigel G. Moore, Sydney, Australia

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