Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to become the Perpetually Valuable MSP! - Webinar December 9th with Dave Sobel from MaxFocus

Please join us for a great - free - webinar with Dave Sobel from MAXfocus (formerly GFI):

December 9th
9:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 Noon Eastern

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1856586219069987073
Webinar ID: 136-159-403

The Managed Services business model is full of promise for growing and established solution providers. With all the various choices for models, you chose to build a business that delivers proactive monitoring and management services for IT systems and resources used primarily in the SMB. As a principal characteristic, you are paid on a recurring contract basis to deliver services that could have previously been done by customer IT staff or other outside resources on a reactive time-and-materials basis. This sounds like a strong business strategy. Specifically, what are the advantages of a business based on proactive, recurring IT services – for you and for your customers – and are you capturing the full value of those advantages?

Even more critically, it also gets at the key question of whether a Managed Services model is a sustainable business with real value for customers and for operators over many years and multiple market cycles. Because markets change ... and new technologies emerge ... and your business must adapt. If you aren’t able to adapt your business at the speed of the market, you will inevitably fall behind and join ranks of other once-relevant IT channel business models.

In this webinar, Dave Sobel, Director of Partner Community, MAXfocus* will answer 3 important questions:

1. What are the meaningful advantages of a Managed Services business model that you need to take advantage of in order to optimize your performance today?

2. Which elements of a Managed Services business model are most likely to need a significant change in the next few years, and, how will the MSP value proposition need to evolve to stay relevant?

3. How can an MSP manage their business today, keep track of shifting market conditions and prepare to adapt, and manage the business through multiple change cycles without losing control of the business?

Not only will Dave explain all of the meaningful advantages but you’ll hear more about the MAX platform and how RemoteManagement is the system of choice for 11,000+ growing MSPs. Hear how you can brand the system as your own, then get a 360 view of customers’ networks including mobile devices, cloud services, servers or workstations. And, with all of the tools you need to deliver a managed security service you’ll soon benefit from patch management, Web Protection, Managed Antivirus, Backup and more. What’s more, hear how MAX integrated ServiceDesk tool allows you to focus on running your business, not your support team!

*GFI MAX is now MAXfocus.

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  1. This sounds like the kind of conference I've been waiting for! I've been in debate over a live answering service for the last few months. I know I want one for my company, but I don't know enough about the industry to make a decision yet. I'll have to see what this webinar says about the topic. | http://www.apello.com

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  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I'd like some discussion on the MSP boundaries. Monitor and support obviously, but does/should the MSP also:
    - Design the new system, implement from a Reference Design, or defer/outsource
    - Specify, recommend, provide the hardware, or defer to customer's source or outsource hardware design/selection
    - design for security or outsource

    David Pike ca.linkedin.com/in/davidpikevancouverbc/
    - monitor security and/or respond to attacks
    - provide any business services: audit for compliance with gov't and regulator standards, risk analysis, information governance etc., defer, or recommend a business partner
    - monitor for hardware replacement

    I'd also like to know about recommended SLA terms and templates.


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