Sunday, December 07, 2014

Free Lunch (for your brain)

Did you know that we have a LOT of free goodies over that SMB Books that are actually worth downloading?

Check it out. Here are some of the free downloads you can get at

See all the freebies at

Free Chapters from the book Publish Your First Book

Free Audio - Quick Start Guided Meditation

Free Chapter on Workaholism from Relax Focus Succeed

Free White Paper from Promotion Monkey on The Absolute Basics of Promotion

My "Famous" 68-Point Checklist - version 2.0 - Great for all MSPs! Download the 68-Point Checklist

Business Plan Worksheets - Great for laying out your plans for the New Year - Get started now

Relax Focus Succeed - 60 minute audio introduction - An Introduction to Relax Focus Succeed

Cloud Checklist - Are you (and your clients) ready for cloud services? A great place to start is my Cloud Readiness Checklist!

. . .  And more!

To get started, just go to On the left side you'll see a link that says Free Stuff (Really). Click that.

- - - - -

There is no obligation to download any or all of these resources. Please note: Be patient. With freebies, our checkout system requires us to manually click a box to send your download. So it might be a little while before one of us gets to the order page and clicks "send" to process your order.

Enjoy these resources . . . and send us any feedback you have.

- karlp


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