Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Technology Pros: New Networking Opportunity with ULink Networks

Awhile back I announced a webinar with Adam Frick and Jim Pelley from The ULink Network - www.ulinknetwork.com. We held that webinar today and the recording is here:

Here's a quick summary for folks in the I.T. Consulting business:

- Jim and Adam are true community builders here in Northern California. Both are repeat entrepreneurs who got together to build an amazing business networking group.

- The ULink Network uses a app - demonstrated here - to manage referrals.

- Jim and Adam are going to announce a pilot program geared specifically at technology consultants who want to build their networks and grow their reputation among clients as a business connector.

A Business Connector 

One of the many roles you can play in any community is that of connector. A Business Connector is someone who introduces people to each other who should (or could) be doing business together. It's a lot more than just being a referral partner.

A business connector makes the effort to introduce people simply because he realizes that they seem like a good fit. Or one of them is looking for something the other might be able to help with.

This is much better than merely being a referral partner. Why? Because

1) You make connections even when you have nothing personal to gain. You give first.

2) You connect people based on factors that are not directly related to trading dollars for goods and services. For example, you might introduce people because they both enjoy the same hobby or their kids share the same sport. You help them grow a true network of friends as well as business associates.

3) You become a resource. You become a person people can trust. You become someone who might be able to help - even if the problem is not related to servers and switches and laptops.

One of the best connectors in my life and business is Hank, my accountant. Hank has done my taxes for more than twenty years. Business, personal, trust, rental properties, etc. Everything Hank is a true adviser and someone what I can turn to for all kinds of help. He isn't an attorney or a property manager. But he knows some really good ones. And he share them with me when I need help.

The ULink Connection

Imagine growing your business by being the person who connects others. Who are your clients? They're small businesses. They are attorneys, doctors, accountants, marketing professionals, realtors, store owners, plumbing contractors, and more. And every once in awhile they can use a referral.

They need referrals to plumbing contractors, store owners, realtors, marketing professionals, accountants, doctors, attorneys, and more. Get it? they need each other. And YOU can make that introduction.

ULink provides the tool get your clients on the ULink App. And when they say, "Do you know anyone who __________?" you can say YES. Then you can make the referral using the ULink app and instantly connect them.

Your clients will know the referral is good because they trust you. Unlike old-school networking groups, you're not making referrals because you are required to show up with a referral to every meeting. You are making a referral because there's a real need and a real fit.

As Adam Frick likes to say, "A piece of your credibility goes with every referral you send." So take it seriously.

The webinar has instructions on how to contact Jim and Adam. It's less than half an hour. Please give it a look and email Jim if you're interested in finding out more.

Note: I'm not being paid for the webinars or writing this blog post. But I will be helping Jim and Adam with the ULink pilot program they're putting together.

Next Webinar: More Details

The next ULink video will be . . .

Tuesday, Sept. 16th
9:00 AM Pacific

Go Here: https://global.gotomeeting.com/meeting/join/592905405

Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP). Or, call in using your telephone. United States: (571) 317-3131

Access Code: 592-905-405

See you then!


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