Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Definitive Guide to Buying the Managed Services Operations Manual

Wow. Some books take a month to be "born" into the world.

I guess I should expect something like that from a work like this.

"The Books" are now available as paperbacks (individually and as a set), ebooks in PDF format, ebooks in epub (Nook, kobo, Sony reader, etc.), and in Amazon Kindle format.

That's a lot of work! Trust me. This stuff doesn't just happen!

Now you can get whatever form you want. Here's where you can buy the books - together or separately:

4-Vol SetPaperback978-0-9905923-1-0
Not Yet

4-Vol SetPDFN/A

4-Vol SetePub Format
(Nook, Sony, etc.)

4-Vol SetKindle Format
Not Yet

Vol 1: Front OfficePaperback

Vol 1: Front OfficeePub Format

Vol 1: Front OfficeKindle Format

Vol 2:  EmployeesPaperback

Vol 2:  EmployeesePub Format

Vol 2:  EmployeesKindle Format

Vol 3: Service DeptPaperback

Vol 3: Service DeptePub Format

Vol 3: Service DeptKindle Format

Vol 4: Service DeliveryPaperback

Vol 4: Service DeliveryePub Format

Vol 4: Service DeliveryKindle Format

As you can see, we've had two bits of trouble getting to sell our books as a bundle. They're selling the paperbacks separately. If you want to buy them separately, use the links above. So far we've not been able to get them to sell the bundle with ISBN #978-0-9905923-1-0.

We could theoretically sell the bundle as one Kindle-formatted book, but Amazon has severe restrictions on pricing. Since we can't get the wholesale price we need, we can't sell via the official Kindle store.

But there's good news for Kindle folks: We paid to have the books formatted in Kindle format, so you can buy from our web site. You'll receive a zip file with the .mobi file and the downloadable contents. Just download the file and load it on your Kindle. It will just work.

NOTE: Our price for the 4-book set goes up to $279.95 on October 1st.

Buy now to get in on the $199 early-bird price!



  1. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Is there any way that those of us who purchased the PDF format from your site could get a discount on the Kindle set? I much prefer the Kindle format to the PDF, if I can help it...can highlight, etc.

  2. Yes. Contact MonicaC at

    She'll hook you up. Thank you for your support.


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