Saturday, October 12, 2013

Online Seminar: Core Standard Operating Procedures for Small IT Providers - Register Now

Core Standard Operating Procedures for Small IT Providers

A New Course from Small Biz Thoughts

Five Mondays - Nov. 18 - Dec. 16, 2013 

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Seminar Series Kick-Off Price only $149

I am proud to announce a new year-long program for Managed Service Providers who want concrete, realistic action steps to take their business to the next level. Each Great Little Seminar is a focused class that last five weeks.

That timing allows you to absorb the material, design an action plan, begin implementing changes to your business, and get feedback from the Instructor during the whole process.

These are practical courses. If you apply what you learn, you save or make the price of the class before the five weeks are up. And after that, your business will make - and save - a lot more money going forward. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Great Little Seminars web site is (Clever, eh?)

The first course is Core Standard Operating Procedures for Small IT Providers.

Is starts November 18th.

This course will cover the most important procedures you need to have in place to run an efficient and highly profitable Managed Services Business.

Whether you're a new "Computer Consultant" or an experienced Managed Service Provider, you need to create successful processes that will propel your company forward. Nothing is more critical to making profit than having the right processes and procedures in place!

When I take on new coaching clients, they have many of the same issues over and over again. And almost all of them boil down to SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures. Or the lack thereof.

Everyone knows you need SOPs. In fact you probably who which ones you need. But where do you start?
You will learn
  • A practical introduction to SOPs
  • The relationship matrix of SOPs
    • Clients
    • Employees
    • Vendors
    • Internal Organization
  • The Ten Most Important SOPs for your IT Consulting Business
  • SOPs management, organization, and updates
  • Implementation strategies internally
  • Implementation strategies for clients
  • Service Department SOPs
    • Building
    • Training
    • Deployment
    • Upkeep
  • Avoiding the biggest pitfalls with SOP development and deployment
  • Building an Action Plan that works

Delivered by Karl W. Palachuk, blogger and author of the very popular "SOP Friday" posts at

Includes five weeks of teleclasses with related handouts, assignments, and "office hours" with the instructor.
This course is intended for business owners and managers. It is particularly useful for the Service Manager or Operations Manager.

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  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I don't see any times listed on the site, just the days. Also, if I miss a section, will it be recorded to view later?

  2. Good point. We'll be doing these at 9:00 AM on Mondays.

    All sessions will be recorded and will only be available to paid attendees.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Karl,

    What time zone?


  4. Replies
    1. Hi Karl.

      Will this course be offered again? I missed the boat but would love to take part. Thanks!


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