Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Most Read Managed Service Blog Posts for September 2013

It's always interesting to see what brings people in. It's not always for the reasons I want, but who am I to complain? Here are the most read blog posts from last month:

#1 = Uhh . . . Nine New Podcasts Posted at Cloud Services Roundtable from March 2012

This perennial favorite is bookmarked on several sites and they just keep bringing in the traffic. Interestingly enough, this post is a collection of other blog posts. :-)

#2 = Register Now for My Live Cloud Workshop from June 2013

This is the announcement for the big SMB Preday show coming up next week. Again, lots of in-bound links. We'll see if traffic for this diminishes next month.

#3 = My 750th Blog Post from May 2010

I'm not sure why these "milestone" blog posts get any traffic. There's actually nothing here except a note that says Wow.

#4 = Microsoft Announced the End of of SBS from June 2012

This is the biggest post of the last year. And that makes sense given the impact the announcement had in the small business I.T. space. Traffic is slowing a little, but there are still lots of in-bound links.

#5 = SOP Friday: Setting Up an MSP Office from September 2013

A recent post. Also a post that was requested by a reader. Obviously, there was interest in this topic.

#6 = SOP Friday: Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities from June 2012

After more than a year, this one is a clear favorite. This post continues to get more traffic all the time.

#7 = SOP Friday: Inventory Management from September 2013

A recent post, which gives it an advantage on this list. But also a very popular topic. I think this one will stay on the list for a while.

#8 = SOP Friday: Organizing Your Company Files and Folders from October 2012

Now a year old, this post covers one of the most important topics for any business. Organizing your electronic files is critical. Duplicate files and time spent looking for data you know you have are big resource-wasters. This article has become a consistent favorite. 

#9 = SOP Friday: Time Tracking for Employees from October 2011

Now in it's second year "on the charts." This is one of the most critical elements of a profitable service business.

#10 = SOP Friday: DNS and DHCP Allocation - Server vs. Firewall from November 2012

Where do you put DNS and DHCP? Another topic that remains very popular.

- - - - - 
As always, the SOP (standard operating procedure) Friday series dominates the list. Sometimes it's hard for "old favorites" to be eclipsed, like the "Death of SBS" posting. 

I may have to report the top posts other than the perennial favorites just because they have so many in-bound links.

Keep reading! I appreciate your support.

And let me know if you have suggestions or comments.


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