Wednesday, October 17, 2018

SMB Roadshow - Recordings and Handouts Posted

For everyone who attended the Minneapolis SMB Roadshow - and anyone who attended any other Roadshow this year - please note that the recordings and slides decks are posted.

Remember: If you attended any city, you can download the recordings from all.

And don't forget your 75 pages of handouts. Actually, it's probably over 100 by now. I'm just too lazy to count.

Latest material includes Jennifer Fields presentation on Marketing: It's Not Going to Complete Itself. Slide deck and recorded audio are posted for download.

If you forgot the password or lost that email, send a note to me and I'll fix you up.

Browse to and click on "Attendee Downloads" on the left side menu.


Only One More City Left on the Roadshow

If you missed all the cities so far, you can still join me for the LAST SMB Roadshow until 2020.

It's in Long Beach, CA on November 5th. Only $259. Includes four hours of content . . . even if we have to squeeze it into three. Plus all the handouts mentioned above.

Handouts include:

  • Slide Deck 1: 25 Unbreakable Rules (pdf)
  • Slide Deck 2: Killer Combo (pdf)
  • 01 – 25 Unbreakable Rules – 1 page (pdf)
  • 02 – RFS Essay: Priorities (pdf)
  • 03 – Interruption Diet (pdf)
  • 04 – Your Competition (pdf)
  • 05 – Client Impressions (docx)
  • 06 – Roadmap Questionnaire (docx)
  • 07 – Cloud 5-Pack Pricing 2017 (docx)
  • 08 – Richard Tubb’s presentation slides and handout: “If I were to Start an MSP Again.” (zip)
  • Slide Deck 3: Jennifer Fields – Astek Marketing 

Plus audio recordings of all cities where we got decent recordings (most of them).

The SMB Roadshow is taking time off the road in 2019. I'll still be doing some events in association with ChannelPro and others.

So if you want to see this great content - Please sign up for Long Beach November 5th

In association with ChannelPro Network.

Questions? Post them here!


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Latest SBT Community News - 60 top downloads for managed service providers

I held a Community Meeting yesterday, and the recording is linked below.

There's so much NEW stuff in the Community. I really want Community members to jump in and take advantage of all the goodies. One of the items I listed in the presentation is the Top Sixty most popular downloads. Those are listed below.

Not listed below: Managed Services in a Month audio book will be added in the next few days. Download it free in the Community!

I also went into some detail about Mark Smith's new class on Local Marketing. See the full blog post on that here:

Members: PLEASE watch the news update. AND log in today to download great resources for your team.

Community is at:

Top Sixty Downloads:

  • Audio program: Create a Hugely Profitable Cloud
  • Audio program: Chandler Own Your Niche
  • Audio program: Build Robust Email Marketing
  • Audio program: Build 8 Hour Work Week in Cloud
  • Audio program: Consistency and Success
  • Audio program: How to Get Rich Small Business
  • Audio program: Organize for Success or Die
  • Audio program: Only the Excellent will Survive
  • Audio program: Book Relax Focus Succeed
  • Audio program: SOPs That Instantly Increase Profits
  • Audio program: Seven Stages Of Building Wealth
  • Audio program: RFS - More Success with a Lot Less Stress
  • Book: Network Documentation Workbook
  • Book: Network Migration Workbook
  • Book: Cox Quote Me On This
  • Book: Palachuk Publish Your First Book
  • Book: SAN Primer for SMB
  • Book: Book Relax Focus Succeed
  • Book: Project Management in Small Business
  • Book: Chandler Palachuk - The Nonfiction Book Book Publishing Plan
  • Checklist: 68 pt checklist v3 2017
  • Checklist: Printer Setup Sample
  • Checklist: Cloud Readiness Checklist
  • Checklist: 68 Point Checklist
  • Checklist: Emergency Preparation (Mike Semel)
  • Class: Relax Focus Succeed Class
  • Class: 5W01 Core Standard Operating Procedures
  • Class: Build Your Brand Through Service
  • Class: Five Mistakes of Self Publishers
  • Class: 5W10 Managing Service Board (2015)
  • Class: Mini Course on LinkedIn
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Billability Calculations
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Contracts Schedule
  • Zip file: Employee Onboarding Forms
  • Workbook: Self Assessment Operations Procedures
  • Workbook: Change Plan
  • Workbook: Domain Documentation Kit
  • Workbook: Kernan One Page Business Plan
  • Workbook: Business Plan Worksheets
  • Workbook: Landers Accountability Workbook
  • Workbook: Monthly Meditations
  • Whitepaper: Cloud Objection Crusher
  • Whitepaper: SOPs for SMBs
  • Whitepaper: Build SOP Folders
  • Whitepaper: Client Status Memo
  • Whitepaper: Building SOPs
  • Whitepaper: Billability Calculations
  • Whitepaper: Overcoming Fear of Change
  • Whitepaper: Building a Change Plan that Works
  • Whitepaper: Absolute Basics of Promotion
  • Whitepaper: SOP Monthly Maintenance
  • Whitepaper: Backups
  • Whitepaper: HaaS Starter Kit
  • Word Doc: Service Manager Roles
  • Word Doc: Technician Roles
  • Word Doc: Hiring Process Overview
  • Word Doc: TSR Log
  • Word Doc: Draft client service portal AT
  • Word Doc: Draft client service portal CW

Members: Get Your Money's Worth Today!

Non-Members: Join Now!


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Automate Your Accounting with QuickBooks Online and Integrated Apps

Automate Your Accounting with QuickBooks Online and Integrated Apps

Taught by Rayanne Buchianico, Author and Coach
- All classes start a 9:00 AM Pacific

Complete assignments during this course and email them to the instructor.

Topics for this class include:
  • Touch your transactions exactly one time to avoid duplicated entries
  • Make your business audit-proof with automated attachments
  • Understand the purchasing and procurement process in detail
  • Connect your PSA for automated invoice importing
  • Pay your bills electronically from INSIDE QuickBooks Online
  • Match your vendor bills with actual credit or bank payments
  • Set up and record:
    • Deferred Revenue
    • Customer Deposits
    • Sales Tax
    • Hardware as a Service
  • . . . and More!
Delivered by Rayanne Buchianico, Financial Coach and QuickBooks Advisor. Rayanne has been an MSP - managed service provider - for many years and advises MSPs on how to get the most out of their QuickBooks and PSA integrations.

Includes five weeks of webinar classes with related handouts, assignments, and "office hours" with the instructor.

This course is intended for business owners, accounting staff, and managers. It is particularly useful for the Owner or Operations Manager.
Register Now

A Few Details . . .

  • Each course will be five webinar sessions (50-60 minutes each)
  • There will be handouts and "homework" assignments
  • If you wish to receive feedback on your assignments, there will be instructor office hours
  • Class webinars will be recorded and made available to paid attendees only.
  • All calls start at 9:00 AM Pacific Time

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Mark Smith's Class on Local Marketing for MSPs is Phenomenal!

Holy Smokes!

I just finished watching Mark Smith's first class on Local Marketing for MSPs - twice.

Set the scene: If you search for your business (on a PC, laptop, or smart phone), what comes up? Well, some pretty basic, generic information that's probably wrong. Mark shows you how to claim your business and update ALL the information you find there, PLUS creating events, links to calendars, customized photos, "posts," information, and more.

This training is FREE to members of the Small Biz Thoughts Community. Just log in, go to "Classes and Seminars" and click on Mini Class:

Local Marketing for ITPreneurs.

Class includes Citation Management, Reputation Management, Website Optimization, Local Paid Search, and Email Marketing. Acting on this step-by-step advice will make it easier for prospects to find and engage with your business.

Seriously, folks, you need to take advantage of the FREE content in the Small Biz Thoughts Community. Mark Smith just posted his first class in the three-part class on local advertising. It is awesome.

I started learning things immediately. In fact, I dragged out a laptop to fire up during the webinar so I could follow along and see exactly what he's doing. Then, after uploading the recorded video into the Community, I watched it again.

Homework: Claim your search engine "My Business" splash page. Update with correct address, photos, hours, etc. If you want to write a post or turn the graphic into a link, you'll see how to do that.

Google doesn't want you to leave their site any more than Facebook or YouTube. They want you to stay on their site, which is why they've started adding more and more information right there, as soon as people search.

Don't think that stuff is random! It's there based on a database you can log into, update, and craft for YOUR local advertising. Free.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Special Webinar - SBT Community Meeting - Wed. October 10th

What's New and Awesome in the Small Biz Thoughts Community?

By Wednesday, the value of downloads in the SBT Community will exceed $3,700.

Join me on this open forum meeting to talk about what we're doing, what's next, and all the great resources in the Community.

Of course I'll be happy to answer all your questions. But first, I want to show you the downloads and content.

Join the FREE SBT Community Meeting / Webinar

Wednesday, October 10th
8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern

Via Zoom meeting.

Register now:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

NOTE: You are welcome to turn on your camera and microphone and join the conversation. This is an open meeting. You do NOT need to be a member to attend. Members with questions about their benefits or how to find something are encouraged to ask live or via Q and A panel.

Please plan to join us live.

. . . Or just Join the Community Today.


Friday, October 05, 2018

MS Operations Manuel volume 2 Added to SBT Community Downloads

Volume 2 of the Managed Services Operations Manuel set has just been added to the Small Biz Thoughts Community!

As promised, I am adding all of my books and materials into the Community. With this addition, the value of downloads now exceeds $3,600 !

Managed Services Operations Manual: Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Consultants and Managed Service Providers

Vol. 2 - Employees and Internal Processes: SOPs for Hiring, Employee Evaluations, Team Management, and More

Volume Two of the Four-Volume Set

Who needs Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)? Everyone!

When you document your processes and procedures, you design a way for your company to have repeatable success. And as you fine-tune those processes and procedures, you become more successful, more efficient, and more profitable.

Table of Contents for Volume Two

Section I - Employees

  • Intro Notes
  • Employee Handbook
  • Hiring Your First Employee
  • Hiring vs. Outsourcing
  • Hiring Process
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Front Office
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Service Manager
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Technician
  • DiSC Personality Profiles
  • Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork
  • Basic Customer Service Training
  • Employee Review Procedure (Quarterly or Annual)
  • Layoffs and Downsizing
  • Firing Process
  • Time Sheet Submission and Approval
  • Employee Expense Reports
  • Healthcare and Other Benefits
  • Paid Time Off / Paid Holidays
  • Travel Policies
  • Casual Fridays (and Dress Codes Generally)
  • Dealing with Unfaithful Employees

Section II - Misc. Policies and Procedures

  • Intro Note
  • Organizing Your Company Files and Folders
  • The !Tech Directory
  • Naming Your Processes and Procedures
  • Date formats
  • Managing Temporary Files
  • Do Billable Work First?
  • Prudent Password Policies
  • Voicemail Passwords, etc.
  • Mobile Device Management
  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Destruction
  • Using a White Board
  • Shredding
  • End of Year SOPs
  • Next Year's Holiday and Pay Schedule

The other volumes are:

- Vol. 1 - Front Office Mastery: SOPs for Office Management, Finances, Administration, and Running Your Company More Efficiently

- Vol. 3 - Running the Service Department: SOPs for Managing Technicians, Daily Operations, Service Boards, and Scheduling

- Vol. 4 - Support and Service Delivery: SOPs for Client Relationships, Service Delivery, Scheduled Maintenance, and All about Backups

- - - - -

Membership is only $999/year or $99/month. So you basically get more than your money's worth on day one.

Note: During the month of October, we will donate $99 to to a special scholarship program to encourage women to get into technical fields. The Women in IT scholarship program will reimburse the exam fee for women who successfully pass an IT or DEV certification exam. We believe in Community and want to support these great causes!


Ten New SOP Videos

If you're looking for some good resources to bookmark, start here:

Have you seen our YouTube Channel? We've got over 450 Videos over at

Among them you'll find an SOP Playlist with over 160 quick SOP Videos.

Many of these are on topics I've covered in the SOP Friday series. That entire series is indexed for you at That page lists all the SOP Friday articles in an organized fashion AND includes links to related videos.

If you want a taste of what these videos are about, see the links below.

Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel - and share these links with your friends and colleagues on social media.

Thank you!

- - - - -

The latest Ten SOP videos are:

Approved Tools

Assign Techs to Clients or Rotate Them?

Every Ticket Should Have the Correct Status

Don't Build Processes Based on Exceptions

Firing vs. Laying Off?

Organize Your SOPs

It All Starts with RMM

Document Your Rules for Success

Keep Statuses Up To Date

Service Manager Roles and Resonsibilities

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Join Small Biz Thoughts Community and I'll donate $99 to Women in IT Scholarships

The Small Biz Thoughts Community is growing strong. We're adding new content all the time.

In fact, as soon as I can get to it, I'm going to add two more best-selling books to the downloads, along with some audio programs.

And now - during the entire month of October - I will donate your first month's fee ($99) to a special scholarship program to encourage women to get into technical fields. My friend (and Community Leader) Amy Babinchak over at Third Tier has a special scholarship program.

The Women in IT scholarship program will reimburse the exam fee for women who successfully pass an IT or DEV certification exam. For more info, see

There are no limits to this. If we get five people or fifty people, it doesn't matter. I'll give all of the money to this cause.

Full disclosure: I got the idea of turning over the first months' fees to charity from Nigel Moore, founder of the Tech Tribe community. See more about Nigel in my most recent SMB Community Podcast.

There are three types of membership: Monthly, Annual, or Large Organization. If you sign up for any of these, I'll donate $99 to the Women in IT scholarship program.

Why? Well, one big piece of the Community is "community." I want this organization to do the kinds of things that support the broader community in which we live. This seems like an easy way to advance a cause that helps the community.

Of course, if you'd rather just donate to the fund, I'm sure Amy would be happy with that as well.


"Popup" Mastermind Coaching with Nigel Moore and Me - Oct. 31st

Once again, I'm headed to Australia this month. October has become sort of an annual Australia trip. Next year I might just schedule the whole month there before I even know why. :-)

Anyway, I'm going to meet some local folks, and I'm speaking at the big SMB IT Pro annual conference in Melbourne. See to join me there.

. . . And as long as I'm in town, my good friend Nigel Moore and I decided to do a special all-day event for a small group of dedicated technology consultants.

It's going to happen in Melbourne on the 31st of October and is capped to a maximum of 10 people.

Nigel and MyTie - 2017
Nigel is a former managed service provider who now runs the Tech Tribe and does some specialized coaching for technology professionals.

Since this is our first attempt at a Nigel + Karl event, we're doing something that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Nigel and I have both coached thousands of MSP's around the world. We've each worked with companies of all sizes. So, without tooting our own horns too much, you could say we know a thing or two when it comes to running and growing a successful MSP.

This is a unique opportunity to soak in ideas from Nigel, me, and nine other MSP's who are committed to their success. After all, we all have knowledge to share.

In addition to just hanging out all day, we're going to feed you and provide some serious "extras."

Don't worry: This is NOT going to be a day of death by PowerPoint and learning overload because, quite frankly, there's already enough learning out there in the world. We're instead going to be SOLVING & DOING - so you walk away with clarity, a plan and focus on what you need to do next.

Instead of EDUCATION - this is all about TRANSFORMATION.

All for $495 AUD.

What you'll get:

  • A day with Nigel and Karl (come on - that's worth the investment alone, right?) 
  • A Tribal Workbook designed especially for the day 
  • You'll mastermind with 9 other MSP's in a format that's fun 
  • You'll get our help in getting you past any blocks or challenges you have 
  • You'll leave with a solid plan for the next part of your journey 
  • You'll be fed and nourished throughout the day (just bring yourself) 
  • Plus, some extra surprises along the way 

Right now, I believe the paperwork is in the works to meet at the Carlton Brewery. A fun location and an easy Uber.

Note: Nigel got the slip on me, so there are only FIVE slots left. Grab yours today.

- - - - -

Note: Nigel and I are also hosting an open, everyone's-welcome dinner gathering that night somewhere in Melbourne. So keep the evening free. The Tribal Dinner is not part of the Mastermind Day - so even if you don't come along to the day - make sure you come along to dinner!


Monday, October 01, 2018

Value of Small Biz Thoughts Community Tops $3,500 - and More to Come!

I posted a "news" video this morning, giving updates to the Small Biz Thoughts Community.

First, Ruben made it much more obvious how to subscribe to an entire Forum. Lots of questions about that are now answered.

Second, We have added some exclusive products that are not for sale at SMB Books or anywhere else. Only available for free inside the SBT Community.

Third, I encourage everyone to check out the What's New section. This is where you can information on internal/programming changes as well as all the new products being added all the time.

What's Next? Books and More!

In October, we're adding two more books (two of our best sellers) AND audio programs and recorded seminars.

The downloadable content inside the Community already exceeds $3,500. If you subscribe today, you'll be able to triple your investment immediately!

See the intro videos here.

Need More Info? Join the FREE SBT Community Meeting / Webinar

Wednesday, October 10th
8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern

Via Zoom meeting.

Register now:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

. . . Or just Join the Community Today.