Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Most Popular Blog Posts of April 2013

It's always interesting to see what brings people in. Here are the most read blog posts from last month:

#1 = Microsoft Announced the End of of SBS from June 5, 2012

This is the biggest post of the last year. That's appropriate since it was probably the biggest announcement of the year for the small business space.

#2 = SOP Friday: Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities from June 2012

Moving up from the #4 spot. This is another one from last summer. It continues to get more traffic all the time.

#3 = Most "Managed Service Providers" Do Not Provide Managed Services from April 2013

This one got a lot of people's attention. Most - a majority - of people who call themselves Managed Service Providers are not providing the managed piece of the service. Even firms who have sold themselves based on the management component are not doing it.

#4 = SOP Friday: DNS and DHCP Allocation - Server vs. Firewall from November 2012

Where do you put DNS and DHCP? This article was not on the list at all last month. Now it jumps up to #3.

#5= SOP Friday: The Monthly Maintenance Checklist from October 2012

This item was gone from the top-ten list for a long time but certainly deserves a spot. This is one of the core pieces of our business, affecting recurring revenue, server health, and profitability.

#6 = SOP Friday: How to Work 8AM to 5PM in I.T. Consulting from March 2013

One of my long-standing philosophies is that you need to relax and take some time off so you can be more productive when you work.

#7 = SOP Friday: Organizing Your Company Files and Folders from October 2012

Another new addition to the list for this month. Organizing your electronic files is critical. Duplicate files and time spent looking for data you know you have are big resource-wasters. This article has become a consistent favorite. I think we're all trying to practice consistent improvement, so looking at someone else's system is helpful.

#8 = SOP Friday: Using a White Board from April 2013

This article appeared in April and made the top ten. Whether you use a white board for tracking metrics, making announcements, or brain-storming, you should have at least one large board and keep it centrally located.

#9 = SOP Friday: Is This a Profitable Hour? from March 2013

Who is responsible for profitability within your company? Everyone.

#10 = Windows Azure Active Directory has Reached General Availability from April 2013

Active Directory integration has been an ever-present pain in the neck with cloud offerings. Azure has finally released their AD to the entire product base. If you haven't looked at Azure lately, this is a great time.

As always, the SOP (standard operating procedure) Friday series dominates the list. Sometimes it's hard for "old favorites" to be eclipsed, like the "Death of SBS" posting. But we have a number of recent entries on the list - five in total from March and April.

Keep reading! I appreciate your support.

And let me know if you have suggestions or comments.


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