Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Special Memo from Karl . . . A Letter To Everyone in the SMB Community

A Letter To Everyone in the SMB Community

May 21, 2013


Thank you for your support! Over the last seven years I have been grateful to have the support of so many people in the SMB Community.

Hundreds of you have contacted me and thanked me for my SOP Friday Series (www.sopfriday.com). I'm told that people are downloading them all, hyperlinking to them in their training materials, adding links to their SharePoint, etc.

Companies of all sizes are using these materials to improve their businesses.

Now I want to you look at a very special program that I honestly believe will improve your business immediately.

Go sign up for the SMB Online Conference web site.

Go now. Do it.

Yes, I know it costs money. And I know we're well into the fifth year of a recession. But I believe this conference has tremendous value. It will include 15 hours of education. Plus some great downloads and additional materials.

One of our keynote speakers regularly get $7,000-$10,000 to speak at events. Another is more in the $5,000 range. But for you it's all included.

What do you charge per hour? If you follow my advice, it's at least $100. But whatever. It only takes a couple hours of to pay for your first class ticket to this great educational event.

Right now the early bird price is $299 for all 15 hours.

If you use the code below, you can receive an additional $100 off the price of admission. That brings it down to $199 - or roughly $13 per hour.

I know you know . . .

The Way Things Work

The cost of putting on a conference - even a virtual conference - is largely paid for by the vendors. Vendor sponsors make it possible. I am very grateful to Autotask for committing to support us again this year.

In return, vendors need to know that they're reaching an audience large enough to make it worth their investment. That's where you come in.

We need to fill the virtual room.

If you've found value in my contributions to the community, I would really appreciate it if you register for this conference.

At the end of the day, $199 is $199. You might not have the money to spare. I understand. But if you can spare it, I would be very grateful.

Register Now at  www.SMBOnlineConference.com.

Secret Code:

Here's what you do.

Go to www.smbonlineconference.com
- Go to the Registration page
- Add the $299 registration to your cart.

Then enter code Secret100 to receive $100 off your registration. That's it!

Here's a Quickie Video I put together on this conference:

Thank you.


Karl Palachuk

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