Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Blog: Consultant or Amateur

I started a new blog today!

It's here: and it's called "Consultant or Amateur."

The blog is intended as public service to your clients - and you. In that blog, I'll be giving advice to end-user clients about our profession. I'll be recommending professionalism in the IT business. It really will be advice on how to choose and use an IT service provider.

Assuming you take this business seriously, it will be a place you can point your clients to and say: "See this? That's why you have to replace your server. That's why cloud backup is safe. That's how managed service works."

Ideally, it will be a place where business owners can learn that there really is a difference between consultants and amateurs.

It has long been a pet peeve of mine that there are so many horrible amateurs in this business who get in (and out) of this business on a whim. Everyone who installs software somehow thinks he's a computer guru.

In addition to wasting client money and putting their data at risk, these amateurs tend to sell illegal software, over-bill for their work, and give all computer consultants a bad reputation. Clients need to know that there are good consultants in this world who will make their businesses better and not worse.

I sincerely hope you will give it a look and send me any comments or suggestions you have.


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